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For All You AI Preachers


We already know you are not this person. Not sure why you have such a hard-on for @physioLojik. The man puts a lot in jeopardy to respond to the level of detail that he does.


I made my point and did not feel like I needed to keep saying it. Anyone who did not understand would never understand.
“There’s a sucker born every minute.”
― P.T. Barnum


Yep if you believe what I say you know that is not me.
I don’t but the guy came here trashing another person. Because he is the expert and the other guy is just an engineer.
I’m just a mason and it took me seconds to point out that he is no one and a no one who is in major disagreement with named experts, not hidden ones. He may be real but anyone who takes him as a real expert, is a fool. Note that he will not back up his claims. He got it all from conferences and personal experience and not studies. Trust me but I will not tell you who I am.

That DUTCH test is pretty cool. But it costs $500 He knows stuff but expects unquestioning trust. I find that a lot of body builders are extremely bright and know a lot of stuff. Is that all he is or is he really a major player in sports medicine? I don’t know but I have little reason to give him the benefit of the doubt. And its not as if he has not attacked others. Not as hard as I just did it because I’m not good at being passive aggressive. I move heavy stuff around all day. None of what I work with responds to being passive.


We get it. You don’t like nor trust physiolojik.

Enough already. Christ.


They stop replying. or stop reading. Im not going to worry about a third party not wanting me to reply to a question


Your clogging up the thread with your mindless babble.

It’s contributing nothing at this point.


Or you can stop posting. Which I can help with, if need be.

You need to stop hijacking this thread, especially with absurd attacks.



:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: please dont end this!?!?! This is free entertainment. Seeing him post just lit up my day. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Dude who is talking to me? That would be you.


No you can be an adult and deal with word you dont like. Dont read them or don’t reply to me saying dont you dare answer


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::broken_heart:you broke my heart @verne​:broken_heart: you broke my heart​:broken_heart:


No, actually, I can do my job and not let you fuck up my forum.

I’m allowing you to decide: Either stay on topic and drop the childish attacks or make your way to the door.


Do your thing dude it not like I would care that much. I not the one who started attacking someone but if that attack by the “expert” was wanted by you guys more power to you


Since you don’t care whether or not you participate in intelligent forum discussions, you can sit in the corner for a time out. When you come back, I hope your attitude has adjusted.

So guys, um, back on topic. About those standard AI protocols… they’re no good, amirite?


It’s my contention that the prescribing of anti cancer medications are given far to liberally…


I dropped my AI and so far so good. No problems whatsoever. When I first started TRT I had gyno issues and was afraid to give up my adex. I was on .25mg twice a week. Went down to .125 twice a week, then once a week. Now 6 weeks with no AI. Got blood work yesterday to be sure, but I gotta say…feelin just fine so far.


Working ok for me right now PriqqXs


Let us know what your previous and current numbers are/were. Good first hand account.


This is my post from July. Bloods are all good, etc.


My TrT is working. I just got an awkward erection from the recent events that may have took place.

PS NO Arimidex. I have not taken an AI since I started.