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For All You AI Preachers


These numbers… They don’t add up lol. 120mg is a mere 20 percent increase in the dose, on paper if your TT was 675 and you increased the dose by 20 percent, you’d have a TT of 675*.20=135 675+135=810, 810ng/DL. Do you mean you took an extra 120mg? Is it possible you had an overdosed (potentially super saturated) product, were crystals visible in the vial?

300mg isn’t a waste of time, 200mg isn’t a waste of time, it boils down to whatever works for the individual using, If one can make gains off 120mg / week then why fix what isn’t broken! Get the most off the least, I see too many guys running like 750-1000mg weekly for their FIRST CYCLE!!! MADNESS


I agree that the numbers dont add up. It’s all pharmaceutical grade cypionate and no Crystal’s. I’m not sure why the jump but I’ve got bloodwork to back it all up.


When I am @ 50mg E3.5D I come in under 700. When I am at 62.5mg E3.5D I come in at 1100.


Very similar numbers my friend. You must be incredible.


Those numbers make me very very jealous!


Considering I am 47 and was most likely low T my entire life don’t be too jealous. I have a lot of lost time to make up for. I have been lifting “heavy” for nearly 20 years and am finally seeing some growth.


What are your current stats?


Amen. I’m 37 years old. At 675 TT I became stronger in 6 weeks time then I have my entire life. I started lifting around 14 or 15 years old. I dealt with sexual dysfunction my whole life. I just thought I wasnt doing it right lol. Now I’m just trying to make the most of it without losing my mind and hurting my marriage and family. Have to stay centered. I could definitely see how guys in my position could go out and start banging anything that moves and end up losing everything.


Yeet, having urges is a healthy and normal part of being a man (provided said urges aren’t about… Animals, kids, harming anyone or along the lines of something like that), however controlling said urges is pivotal, may I suggest, the arts of the internet pornography and/ or playboy magazines (are Playboy’s still around, I used to have a bunch when I was like 11)


I too always thought I was doing it all wrong. Always thought I wasn’t dieting hard enough or pushing hard enough in the gym. It was like putting racing fuel into a Pacer with bald tires. God the time and money that I wasted.

And yes the libido is substantial. I do understand what you are saying. Its a lot of change to take in. Stay steady my friend.


Same here. Countless natural supplements. Eating ridiculous amounts of food just to get fat. All the YouTube videos dont help because your watching some dude that is on steroids claiming to be natural saying if you just do it this way. Lots of time and money wasted.


Dont get me started dude. It really gets me going.


@alldayeveryday absolutely man. Always remember the libido is vase but your marriage and family matter the most. I counsel patients on this frequently.


Do you just start blasting after you get the docs labs and come back down to cruise again before he takes more? Curious on how to do it because I’ve wanted to know what it feels like to be above range and want to try at least once. I think I’ve been lower on t my whole life so want to feel kind of superhuman at least once lol.


I dont blame you boss. So I’ve been running my prescribed 100 mgs a week for 6 weeks to stabilize before my blood draw today. I will get my results by Wednesday of next week via email. This doesn’t go to my doctor until I forward it to her. This gives me time to review and assess. There’s no reason to believe it wont be right in line with what she wants to see. I will see her on Friday of next week to review the results which just like every other appointment I’m sure she will just high five me and kick me out of the office. That’s pretty much how my appointments go. She will tell me to come back in 6 months with more bloodwork. Once I’m released its game time. I will start my 300 mg test per week with 10 mg nolva eod. I’m gonna run that for 12 weeks minimum. Will most likely pull a panel mid cycle just for fun. If everything goes as well as I believe it will I may run it 16. Then cruise at 160mgs per week until 6 weeks before my doctors next blood draw. Stabilize and she will give me a high five again.


So I play around with my dosing and what my doc wants to see as well. My prescription is for 125mg a week and my PCP is fine with this as I feel good on it. The endo thinks high-normal is too high so the week prior to my bloods I drop it to 100mg and it always comes in under 700 the following week and makes the endo happy.


Not bad @NH_Watts not bad at all


I also did research on this in the UK and was told by the lab and university the exact same thing.


Damn dude you have not read a thing he wrote or you cant read. Yes he repeatably says he is right, all others wrong because he is an endocrinologist. Don’t be a stupid fan boy. He is in disagreement with a lot of real doctors in the field, who are willing to use their real names.

If you want to trust him go ahead. If you want to trust him without checking to see what others think of his methods be a fool. But you are trusting an anonymous avatar, a fake name and a lot of words. You might want to get other opinions and not just the backing of other anonymous avatars


Talk about a resurrection!!! Where you been @verne???