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For All You AI Preachers


I’m sure the weather is much nicer in Colorado. It’s too damn hot to enjoy the outside in Columbus this time of year.


@hmcyl man I’ll tell you - we liked Ohio a lot but there was so little to do outside truly. This is much more our speed!


You lost 8 lbs? Is it a loss of water/glycogen retention or legit you lost 8lbs or muscle in the past week or two, if that’s the case then abcksoskjskakaksnnop @physioLojik


@unreal24278 mostly glycogen. It’s hard to eat enough when you’re hiking and camping for a few days :slight_smile:


Glad to read you are liking the place welcome. I moved here in 1980 after college and never looked back. This state never shutsdown there is always something happening 247360


Yeet have fun!!! Isn’t Denver at a high altitude, therefore your HCT/RBC count should climb up a bit should it not? Then when you go back to a less… High altitude area you’ll have the endurance of some person that has a lot of endurance


So do you think on low to moderate dosages of test it wouldnt be necessary to use tamox at all? I use 10mg tamox e2d on 300mg test E /week. Doesnt have problems with it but if I could drop it, why not?


Is 10 mg e2d effective? I’m about to run 300 mg a week for my first mini blast. If I can run nolva 10 mg e2d that seems ideal…


i want to follow your blast, if you start a thread tag me bro.



Will do boss


I’m running bloodwork on Thursday afternoon for the doc. I should have the results back by Thursday of next week at the latest. See the doc on Friday to review bloodwork then its go time.


Tag me too! Like to follow how you get on with your blast (;


I read somewhere it has a halflife of around 50 h. Every 2 days works great for me. I do it for 8 weeks now and does not have any negative side effects at all at 300mg test/week.


I’m glad I stumbled upon this place before diving into the world of hormone use. This thread has been eye opening and has assisted in my own note-taking for when I begin my own cycle (yeah I know that’s what Pharm forum is for) but I have a question for @alldayeveryday. You say you are going to be blasting at 300mg, is this for bodybuilding or is this prescribed TRT dose? I too am waiting back for bloodwork (results tomorrow) as I believe I have low test but I intend on taking doses along the lines of bodybuilders where the “norm” as such is 500mg, I am beginning to wonder whether this is too much. Sorry to hijack the thread, if you’d prefer we can take this to PM :slight_smile:


Hey bud. The 300 mg per week is not prescribed. My doc wont know anything about that. My doc has me on 100 mg per week. 100 mg per week split in two doses of 50 mg puts me at TT 675 and middle of the road FT. I did about 10 weeks or so of 120 mg (also without docs permission) and that put me at TT 1045 and FT 24 on a scale up to 25. Funny thing is my E2 sensitive test showed 27 with 675 and 29 with 1045. I found that interesting. As far as the 300 mg per week… I’m taking the less is more approach. I’ve heard numerous respected bodybuilders say to start as low as you can get away with. Some say first cycle at 250 mg per week. This makes sense to me as 250 is surely going to put you over the physiological range. You will see results at this level if you’ve never cycled before. You only have so many Androgen receptors in your body. Once your Androgen receptors are saturated they are saturated. You will develop more ARs as you grow but you have to grow first. Start low and work your way up. That’s what I believe. Unless you plan on being in the Mr Olympia in the next couple weeks that is. @liverpool_96


You have no E2 symptoms, correct? Doctor with Quest told me that the LC/MS/MS test is not as consistent as the IA method. I spoke to a researcher with Pfizer (who works on both types of equipment) and she told me the same thing.


I have no E2 symptoms. You are correct.


yeah that is my train of thought too, I follow John Meadows, Jordan Peters and Seth Feroce on youtube and they all preach the same thing. I am in no rush to grow and indeed I too believe it is important to squeeze everything out of the littlest amounts possible. I do not plan on cycling - rather blasting and cruising so I presume the doses would be different for the cruise depending on my blast. if I was to run 500mg per week the cruise dose wouldn’t be the same if I was blasting at 300mg correct? I’m thinking 150-200mg cruise on 500mg but then 75-125 on a blast dose of 300mg. hmm maybe I’m looking too much into this, suppose it is a case by case basis and it’s important to understand my own personal levels and how I feel with whatever cruise dose and tinker as necessary.


Your cruise dose would be your lower physiological levels or somewhere between 100 to 200 mgs a weeks. I would aim for top of the scale or as high as your e2 will let you. That will be your fall back when your not blasting. 300 mg blast. 500 mg blast. It’s up to you but I would start lower. You need to look at your bloodwork. Post it up here and tag me if you like. Lots of guys will say 300 mgs is a waste of time but that’s bull. I know how beneficial 100 and 120 mgs was for me. I can only imagine how good 300 will feel.


will do my friend, thanks very much for taking the time to explain.