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For All You AI Preachers


I believe everyone provides valuable information, everyone has something to offer. Sure sometimes we butt heads, but we all have to remember we are here to help others who are searching for information that may lead to symptom resolution.



FWIW, I sincerely wasn’t trying to rip on the guy. I honestly was trying to help him to understand why he was getting ripped on in the first place.

I do apologize to verne if it was taken as offensive, and if my post had undertones revealing my frustration. The truth is though, I am a little frustrated. I joined this forum very recently. That was mainly due to the fact I wanted to ask questions and learn as much as I could about this subject so I could make an intelligent and informed decision BEFORE I decide to do something as drastic as injecting my body with a foreign compound, and possibly altering my body’s natural chemistry forever.

You see guys, for some of us this is not a decision of whether or not we want to look good. For some of us this is not about competing at a higher level, or trying to be as ripped and as massive as possible. Some of us truly have the intention of trying to lead a normal life with as best of quality as we can. Most doctors are too scared to even discuss this subject because of the demonization and, frankly the over abuse by people who really didn’t need this in the first place. That’s the sad truth about it. This place would serve as a safe haven for people to gain more knowledge with some level of anominimity.

There is so much “broscience” out there. There’s way too much of it here, but if you pay just a shred of attention, you will find a small crack of light filtering in every once in a while. That small light is reason and balance that is offered in the form of SOUND advice from people who truly know what they are talking about, and could give educated, situation specific advice to people in hopes that they can better themselves, and do so in as safe a manner as possible. There are people who truly have the best intentions, and the appropriate pedigree to be in a good position to HELP people. That is very rare when topic at hand is as taboo as AS.

My frustration comes from the fact that this forum may lose one of the only reasons I joined it in the first place.

This is the last thing I will say on the matter. Again, I truly do apologize if my post came off as offensive and stabbing. To you guys and to verne. I really hope Lojik decides to stay and I’ll say the same for verne. I do believe he could probably be an asset to this community if he would shift his perspective just a tiny bit.

I do understand though that the reality of the matter is that there are truly higher levels of risks for even discussing these things, especially for people with licenses and practices. I wouldn’t want anyone to have to risk their career just because they have a good heart and want to help people.


Personally I find these negative discussions a total drain. I’m trying my best to avoid stress and this stuff does wind me up… Everyone has the right to think what they like and to voice an opinion on public forums like this one. But this thread has been hyjacked for way too long with this stuff.

I personally have found great value from Physios posts on this forum and I think it would be a real shame if he left. I’m pretty sure others feel the same (;


Super weird that that guy claimed to be a doctor whose picture is 1 google search away when he speaks like a child and has a profile bio saying he’s a stone guy. I don’t think he should be banned and I would love this all to end but seriously - that was really really weird.


Better yet, I came back from vacation to this.

Guys, seriously?

The Internet being what it is, people are (unfortunately) free to claim to be whoever/whatever they like, whether that’s a 400-pound bencher or a highly experienced medical professional. But anyone with half a brain and one working eye should be able to spot bullshit when it’s laid down.

We do have a neat thing called post history, like when a member has consistently shown to provide useful advice for the over 12 years while another member openly admits to being a beginner.

Be that as it may, people are encouraged to decide for themselves who to take advice from and who to ignore. However, any member is certainly welcome (dare I say encouraged) to start a “Credentials Thread” here in TRT where the folks who like to dish out advice can collectively, in one fell swoop, let other folks know why they’re so confident providing the advice they do.

Seeing as how TRT (and Pharma, FWIW) can impact user’s health in a serious way, it’s not the worst idea in the world especially since many active members in the TRT forum tend to avoid the training and nutrition-related forums (letalone the current check-in thread), as if adding TRT without addressing diet and exercise is a lasting solution to improving health.

It’ll hopefully be enlightening to see how many “I read a lot of stuff and some of it worked for me”-types of entries there are.


I’d hate to see you go but I totally understand. Too much at risk for you.

Anyway, if you do leave, enjoy Colorado. Don’t overlook your neighbor to the north. Wyoming is an awesome state to visit. Cheyenne has Frontier Days the last 10 days of July, your kids will love the parades. They also have a nice Christmas parade. Wyoming still very small town minded and lots of places to visit outside of Yellowstone.

Thanks for everything you’ve provided. Good luck on the new clinic!


I love Cheyenne! I’ve worked at the refinery there a number of times. Best brisket I’ve ever had in my life was in downtown Cheyenne. I lifted at fitness one while I stayed there.


Get ready to redline all your old PB down about 10%. An the muscle burn here is like no other.

At higher elevations there is less barometric pressure and so less oxygen is dissolved in the air you breath. In Denver which is about 1 mile high there is 17% less oxygen in the air than at sea level. At 8000 feet the amount of available oxygen is 25% less than at sea level.
If you like playing at high altitude, think ski, snowshoe, mtn bike expect your HCT to go up 3 points all on its own.


X2 ^^^^^^

I live in Montana (moved from down south about 3.5 yrs ago). Takes about a year for your body to fully adjust. On the flip side of that though, when you go back down to sea level for visits and vaca, you’ll feel like Superman!! Your body sees all that extra oxygen as rocket fuel!


I lived there for a while. Wind drove me crazy!!


@Chris_Colucci thanks for the response bro :slight_smile: 12 years and they have flown by. That’s for sure.


PhysioLogic- where are you located in Ohio?


@ohiomike I was in the Columbus area. I’m in Denver now :slight_smile:


@flappinit thanks for the support brother


@bmbrady77 thanks man for the thoughtful and supportive posts!


@flipcollar thanks for being you, man.


@studhammer loving Colorado so far man!


@hrdlvn loving Colorado man!!! Hiked about 22 miles in three days haha. It’s been awesome. Lost about 8 pounds. Been amazingly beautiful.


No need to thank me, it’s a pleasure to read your posts, man. I LOVE Colorado and have a bunch of friends in the Boulder area. Enjoy the herb and the mountains, and if I’m ever planning on going out that way I’ll certainly hit you up.


@flappinit thanks man! Yes we love it so much so far. My little girls love being outside so they’re loving it too!