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For All You AI Preachers


Hey guys. Here’s a copy of my last e2 sensitive lab - on 600mg test and 300 mg deca a week both from the pharmacy- in week 9 Currently. My total t is over 6000. So anytime someone tells you “most guys” bullshit. Tell them to piss off. Go by how you feel and how your body responds. Focus on getting leaner and healthier. Your body will sort out the hormones.

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Your body is more efficient so I don’t expect estrogen to be a problem for you, but give a guy who is overweight TRT and watch him suffer.

I agree it’s important to lose the weight so that one doesn’t need the anastrozole any longer. I know you advocate overweight men shouldn’t be on TRT, but sometimes men cannot lose weight because they are a metabolic emergency. This is where an AI is needed for a short time.



Seeing so many people come on here and put up their “starting protocol” including an AI.

Gotta stop that shit as soon as I see it. Fucking nonsense.


With all due respect aren’t you on Tamoxifen?


Yep. Tamoxifen isn’t an AI. It actually can raise serum estrogens @NH_Watts




I’ve been on an AI for two years. Crashed my e2 twice. Had ED because of it and high anxiety. I’ve been running without an AI now for (6) weeks without issue. TT is 1200s and E2 is still only mid 20s. Can’t seem to get my E1 down though. Its very weird but my Estrone (E1) is usually off the charts.


Interesting. Thanks.


Your e 1 is high because your body is smart. E1 is a reserve for e2. The two can swap back and forth. When you block your e2 long enough your body naturally builds high reserves. It’ll even out.


What is your current TRT protocol? EOD?


Do guys produce E1? I know only pregnant woman produce E4 (I think). What about E3, do guys produce that too. #learningnewinformation

Also a total T of 6000+ on 600 mg/wk, does this mean you have levels of 1000+ on a mere 100mg/wk? @physioLojik


So get the dude to drop some weight before he goes on TRT. Being overweight in itself can cause secondary hypogonadism, which can SOMETIMES fix itself if the individual loses enough weight


yeah…there in lies the problem. With a T of 265 with lots of gym time, running, HIIT, proper diet, no alcohol, adjusting macros etc I could never lose a pound. Only starvation worked (shake diet). This had been going on since my early 30s (46 now) but never had anything tested. Just thought I needed to work harder, be smarter about food, not be a pussy. I beat myself up for years stressing about every little thing (which isn’t good either). Ketogenic diets I wouldn’t lose. Int Fasting wouldn’t work. No cheat, full adherence. Six months without a single cheat and I lost 2 pounds. This is all being 25+% BF. I even was part of the first Indigo 3G groups here at T-Nation which was expensive.

Now with T in the 600-1000 range I am seeing so many changes week to week. I feel like I would have just been stuck in a fat depressed rut falling asleep at work all the time and constantly fighting with my wife.


That’s why I can’t stay away this forum. Need to help these young guys…

I just found out my son 13 yo can’t smell and never did. Had MRI brain he has incomplete development of olfactory sulci and non visualization of the bulbs. Radiologist says to do clinical correlation for kallmann syndrome.

But my son is going through puberty fine even voice changing , ejaculation, hair growth etc.
He can’t smell most things but can smell smelling salts and menthol when close to nose.

@physioLojik since I don’t think it’s kallmann because his puberty is fine should I follow with a neurologist or see an Endocrinologist to rule out kallmann anyway?

Am thinking neurologist just in case missing something. Other items in brain all good.

The ENT had sent for MRI.



I guess everyone is different, when I had a TT of like 250 I lost a lot of weight, in the form of rapid loss of muscle mass, I’d already lost a lot of muscle mass from inactivity due to chronic debhillitating pain but the low T really took every shred muscular definition and size away from me, it’s back now thankfully. My BF percentage didn’t seem to increase much although my fat distribution changed, most of my fat when I was low T was stored around my hips. @NH_Watts @systemlord


Hey man! Kallmann is tough. Did your wife have a normal pregnancy? Any issues during birth or directly after with his development? Has he had any panels run ?


People blame low t for fat storage- it’s usually much more a function of insulin sensitivity and diet.


I am happy you’re doing well man.


Indeed. Insulin sensitivity etc.


No blood panels yet.

He is an identical twin. Had twin to twin transfusion syndrome ( ttts) He Was the donor. Ttts was resolved at about 21 weeks gestation because had Dr to surgery on placenta. Normal twin pregnancy after that. Birth at 35 weeks. They were fine.

Normal development. Again puberty right now going very well. 5’6", hair, erections like crazy etc. Very athletic. If it wasn’t for the lack of smell we would never had MRI.

Am leaning to isolated anosmia. But I will cover my bases with my children. So please comment.