For all the cats trying to get ripped for summer

I was hoping to get some ideas or some advice for some of you guys that are preparing for the summer like I am. My date I am preparing for is April 28th because I am takig a trip to the beach then. I am 213 at 11% body fat and I would like to get down to around 7-8%. I’m starting the fat to fire routine tomorrow. I believe that routine could take me to my goals. If not I will take about 5-7 days then maybe try the Meltdown routine. But I am little hesitant because of they amount of volume that both routines employ. Most of the time I like to periodize volume to intensity and visa versa. What would you guys recommend after the fat to fire routin? Thanks for any help.

I personally believe that HIIT is a good way to burn fat . I havew been using it for about three weeks for like three days a week im now stepping it up to 5 days a week . But it only takes about 10 minutes for a HIIT session. I do 1 45 second interval(sprinting) rest 1:30 then do 2 30 sec intervals rest 1:00 then 4 15 second intervals 30 seconds rest. That is what i called my lo intensity weeks i will progressivley add more or each interval and cut rest times. I do this at the end of my workouts which two days a week consists of plyometrics and sprints. Along with a very small amount of weights (meaning not alot of time in weight room but im still pretty strong) but my goal is not asthetics or to be a power lifting champ. im training to be a better athlete, and hope fully go out for a college football team next spring.

If you watch your carbohydrates and do some cardio combined with a good fat burner, you are bound to get to your goal and look ripped for your date.
Good Luck and remember to be disciplined when eating!