For all the Atkins haters ;0)

FYI. Haven’t browsed it yet.

Talk about horse poo! Dont we all wish it really worked!

I’m having a brilliant idea here…

The beer lover’s diet has the potential to take off, and the grapefruit diet is already pretty popular, so why not aim for the best of both worlds?

My friends, I present to you the beer and grapefruit diet. It’s quite simple: twice a day, you eat half a grapefruit and chug down a couple stouts.

Grapefruits are very nutritious, so you don’t have to worry about vitamin deficiencies, and the diet contains its own cardiovascular workout, the “chunder run”. And the constant vomiting is sure to have a detoxifying effect, so you don’t need to fast either.

I’m thinking I could sell this.

Hahaha Ultra…sounds like a diet that will be sweeping the Model/actress circuit…“Hey we can replace heroin with beer and grapefruit afterall the DT`s are not as bad as heroin withdraw!!!”

save the beer for refeed days and not only will you boost your leptin levels youll replenish the store of alcohol as well. i dont know about you guys but my brain floats in a pool of spirits