For a Beginner: Foods to Avoid/Include

What foods are the most well rounded for physical health? I’ve read a lot of information but every site has its own opinion about what’s best. In no paticular order and without herbs, spices, etc my grocery list is:

greek yogurt
red kidney beans

red bell peppers


sweet potato
coconut milk

Is there any food that I’m missing out on or wrongfully including?

Any food is good food if your body reacts well to it. No two people are the same. I think you could easily add more types of food to your list, low GI carbs and more types of meat being the first (I also love lentils) - the only one I’d take off would be wild caught tilapia, albeit for environmental reasons.

You left out beef, especially grass-fed; various dairy above and beyond just Greek yogurt; meats of just about any kind provided not fed with soy (most US livestock is fed with soy), very many kinds of fish, macadamias, hazelnuts, pistachios, apples, slow-cooked oatmeal, buckwheat, parsnips, turnips, squash, plantains, various legumes, rye berries, barley, and rice. As a non-exhaustive list.

I wouldn’t have included commercial pork because the fat is high in linoleic acid due to being soy-fed, have particularly included honey as more than a little of it is just excess sugar, or edamame unless female.

[quote]pkpara wrote:
Is there any food that I’m missing out on[/quote]
You listed almost no sources of fat, just two fruits, beans and potatoes/sweet potatoes as the only significant carb sources, and only five animal-based proteins. So, yes, you’re missing out on a lot of healthful foods.

But, “what are some healthy foods” is a ridiculously vague question. I like the general guideline to focus on stuff that’s on the perimeter of the supermarket. Tough to go wrong if that fills the majority your shopping cart. It’s possible, sure, but it’s tough.

Like Nighthawkz said, the worst things would be anything you’re legitimately intolerant of, which you’d know through trial and error. And I understand what Bill was getting at with edamame, regarding the phytoestrogens, but I believe they’re find in moderation. It’s a bit of an individual call.

I usually try to be really clear on what’s based thoroughly on fact, and what’s based largely on my prejudices with some support of fact in at least some instances and at some level, really bringing out that that’s what it is when it is that. The vast majority of the time I do manage to bring out that distinction.

That time I didn’t.

Soy phytoestrogens is one of my prejudices. (It’s the only part of the above post that is.) There’s no evidence I know of for moderate intake necessarily doing anything adverse. Good catch.

On another topic, don’t make the mistake of eating too many fruits and mixing them into a blender

In my opinion and from what I have seen, better eat than drink… For many reasons, save the taste obviously (who doesn’t crave a good smoothie?). I went pretty nuts with my drunk/eaten foods ratio (something as high as 50-50, mixing everything into soups and smoothies), and gains are coming back with solid food being eaten

Spend a couple of hours a day eating, take your time, let your body process things, enjoy the results