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For 2B, Best Damn Natural Plan or Leaner Faster Stronger?

Coach - I’ve been following your programs for years and am a huge fan. My neurotype came back as 2B dominant with 2A behind that. I’ve done the original Best Damn Natural 1 and 2 (with tremendous results), and just purchased the new release of Best Damn Natural. I’ve also done Leaner Faster Stronger and saw my strength blow through the roof. 5’9, 182, experienced lifter. Going into a cut/body recomp - do you suggest Best Damn Natural or Leaner Faster Stronger over the other? I picked up the 2B workout and with it mainly being hypertrophy, I figured I’d wait until cutting down before doing that on a caloric surplus. Also - I’ve seen you mention both carbs before working out for 2B and no carbs before working out for Best Damn Diet - any suggestions? Much appreciated Coach Thib!