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Footwork Drill Help

Hi, I’m not really sure which forum to post this in but I’m just assuming this is the right one. I was wondering if anyone could point me to some websites or have any suggestions on improving footwork. Basically I’m doing this for basketball, I want to improve my body coordination, footwork, balance etc. Thanks for all the help.

Here is a video of a wide variety of Agility and Overall Spacial awareness drills.


Also, I cannot stress enough the value of a jump rope in increasing your hand eye coordination, footwork, conditioning, and many other athletics traits. You can buy a decent licorice style rope for $5. This is usually the way I will increase my heart rate before I warmup.

Another thing to remember is that actually defending another player will give you the game specific coordination, speed and agility that you need. So get out there and play some pickup games with some friends.