Hey! It really has been a great college post season! (I still think that the guys should be able to decide things on the field…but that’s another topic…).LSU proved that they were real…no fluke there (by the way, Nicko…that Tiger Dance Team, as Nate would say, is “Hella’Hot”!)…Tennesee looked awesome…the SEC as a whole proved that their Conference is perhaps THE strongest in Football.

Any thoughts, guys, on some great football?

I think Rex Grossman(and the crew that was with him) outta have their nuts removed for missing curfew, people that are out partying before bowl games are fuckups, but often great athletes.
Go Miami!(who cares if u like them, at least the controversies crap will end)

Hopefully, the Gators will put a whoop ass on the terps tonight. Even with Grossman and Bobby McCray not starting due to a missed curfew, I’m sure the Gators will still be potent. And just because they aren’t starting doesn’t mean they won’t be in the game when needed.

There have been some great games. I was watching the Tennessee game until they really started to blow out Michigan, and once LSU started whooping that ass, I tuned out. The Oregon/Colorado game was good too. I was happy to see the ducks kick some ass. I’m looking forward to tonight’s Gator game and to tomorrow’s Miami/Nebraska game.

Go Tigers! LSU. Mufasa you are right, those LSU “golden girls” as we call them are HOT. If LSU can put together a good defense next year, we may be looking at a national championship. Anyway, the SEC is probably the strongest conference from top to bottom. The Big 12 may have a better top three, but the SEC is loaded with talent from top to bottom.

How about them Gators??? GO GATORS!

Nate: There were only two Gator Games I saw all year from beginning to end: Tennessee and last night’s game with Maryland. I had HEARD about that explosive offense and had seen some clips here and there. And of course, the Tennessee game didn’t showcase them well at all.

Well…last night was ANOTHER story! I LOVED it when even Spurrier shook his head when one of his running backs did sort of a “double pirouette/juke” to the end-zone. And almost 500 YARDS in passing offense borders on obscene!

Should be a GREAT game tonight. Any predictions, guys?

I’m a Husker fan, but a part of me would like to see the national championship stay in Florida. Besides, we play Miami next season at home. So it would be nice to beat the national championship team. But because I like the Huskers, I’ll be rooting for them tonight. Hopefully, it’ll be a good game!

Miami 34, Nebraska 0 at halftime. I like Nebraska, but I have to bow down to Miami right now. They are the best right now. If they played the ducks, I pity the Oregon ducks. Unless Nebraska comes back from this ass whippin’. Anyway, I’m still an LSU fan. Hopefully we will have a dominant team in the future.

Whoa! It’s only halftime and the Hurricanes are whooping that ass 34-0. Ouch! I thought the Cornhuskers we’re going to play better than that. It’s all good though, all of Florida’s teams won their bowl games. And we’re keeping the national championship in Florida. It’s too bad it’s not the Gators playing Miami tonight. I think we would have seen a better game. Oh well, you guys can look forward to the UF/Miami showdown in September!

I don’t think it would have made too much difference who Miami played tonight. They looked very very very good. The one factor would be that Nebraska O is not built to come back from 34 down.

Uh-oooh! Nebraska just scored again. Could they be comeing back? 34-14. Hopefully it will be a good game!

hey nate dogg, dont kill my terps, they had an amazing season and totally unexpected too. i think it will be intresting to see if fridgen can now recruit some top talent so that he can continue to reshape maryland football