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Football + WS4SB


This question is mostly directed to those who play(ed) football. I am going to be running Joe DeFranco's WS4SB template, and had a question. There are 3 templates which I can follow. I'm not sure which one I should. I am currently a sophomore and played inside linebacker last year, but am switching to strong safety because of my relatively small size (5'7 1/4", 165 lbs). Here's what I was considering: Running the strength template for 4 months until April, then running the strength and speed template from April-mid June (start of season). If you have any suggestions that pertain to which templates to run and when, that would be much appreciated.



That seems fine. I would also train during the season as well(if your coaches arent already doing so then). 2-3 days a week is more than plenty at that time.


Thanks. We only start camp in mid-June, not even full out practice, just shoulder pads and helmets. Another dilemma I have is that we have practice in the evening from 5:30-8:30, so I'd have to work out before practice, which I'm not wild about, but hell, whatever it takes to earn some playing time.


I love WS4SB, did it all throughout high school when I was playing football and I went from 180-190ish freshman/sophomore year to 215 senior year with little to no fat gain.
What you have to do though, almost just as important as the training itself is eat like an animal. Anything that is calorically dense, just eat a ton of it. You're metabolism is fast now, and especially with training, you can afford to eat a ton.


Well my goal is to be about 180-185 lbs and run a 4.8, and I think this program will help. Thanks for the post.