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Looking for a good work out to put on muscle mass. I also do not want to lose so called "fast twitch" muscle. I actually want to be more exlosive. Please Help.



Look at Westside for Skinny Bastards. You don't have to the conditioning stuff if from it if you don't want to and can throw in an extra leg day if you want to.


I'm not sure what workout to use, the Westside is probably good, but your choice of sports is the best combination of all. All three are my favorites. Good luck.


Dude since your putting on mass. You would not lose your fast twitch muscle fibers and those fast twitch fibers are the ones responsible for explosive movements.


I'm gonna say WSSB as well, add in the extra leg day now, and as you get closer to your season, go back to one leg day a week and add in more running days.

The real reason i'm responding to this thread though is to ditto what was said above, excellent choice of sports, keep it up, and goodluck this season.


can never go wrong with cleans, snatches, squats, deads, RDLs, glute/hams, reverse hypers, bench, rows, chins, standing overhead press