Football Workout

Hey there everyone iam new to the site but ive been looking over a number of things alot of infromation is on here and i wanted to know if anyone has complete programs that could help me build a better body for football. I play defense and iam at a university level i dont really like my college training program just looking for something different any help would be great thanks


Check out the FAQ section.

You have a choice not to do your college program?

Build a better body? It is important to look good out there.

Monday 30-50% of 1rm
Power Snatch-2x5
Power press or jammer Ext-3x5
Jammer rotaiton or russian twist-3x10
Neck work
Ab work

Tuesday all 3x10
Leg Curl
Bench press
Military press
Triceps extensions
Back Row
Back Pulldown
Barbell Curl

Hang snatch-3x5
Jammer press-3x5
Jammer rotation-3x10
Neck work
Ab work

Same as thursday

This is the first phase of floridas football program. I believe at least because our team is doing the same program. Seems to be working well for all the players

I’m curious, the way you mention college and university and say you play defense but don’t mention a position do you mean what Americans call soccer or do you mean American Football?