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Football Workout

I plan to attempt to walk on in football next year. I was curious what you guys thought of the program I have constructed based off of the periodization bible pt. 2, reading Lance Mosely’s jounral over as Elitefts, and from reading some of Defrancos stuff. I workout 3 days a week, and there are 4 days to the program so basically they just cycle.
Day 1-DE Upper
1)DE Bench/Upper Plyo
2)DB Press
4)Ext. Rot./Rear Delt

Day 2-ME Lower
1)ME Lower-1, 3, or 5RM
4)Low Back

Day 3-ME Bench
1)ME Move-1, 3, or 5RM
5)Elbow Flex

Day 4-DE Lower
1)DE Lower/Plyo
2)Unilateral Exercise
3)Knee Flexon

Inbetween days I do GPP/Recovery

Looks, good but what are your exercise selections? To you have access to bands/chains? Are you looking for an all around increase in athleticism or is there some specific improvement you want (40y dash, vertical, etc)? Do you have access to any sort of GPP Equipment? (Dragging sled, tire & sledgehammer, wheelbarrow, etc).

Just my opinion, back check this with some of Defranco’s “Ask Joe’s”, but I would like an exercise selection like this for the first 4 weeks till you decide exactly what you need improving on.

ME (Lower Body): (to heavy 1, 3)
Wk1: Trap Bar Deadlift
Wk2: Low Box Squat
Wk3: Good Morning
Wk4: Front Squat

DE (Lower Body): (10s*2-3reps)
Wk1: Box Squats
Wk2: High Pull (clean grip)/Plyometric
Wk3: Box Squats
Wk4: High Pull (Snatch grip)/Plyometric

ME (Upper Body): (to heavy 1, 3)
Wk1: Rack Press (lower bench portion)
Wk2: Board Press (upper portion)
Wk3: Incline Press
Wk4: Weighted Dips

DE (Upper Body)
Wk1: Board Press
Wk2: Speed Bench
Wk3: Chris Thibadeau Ballistic Bench
Wk4: Rep Day/ Plyometric

Auxillary Exercises:
Reverse Hyper (if available)
Glute-Ham Raise (if available)
Dimel Deadlifts
Stiff Leg Deadlifts
Seated GM
Bulgarian Split Squat
Lunges (Reverse/Alternating/side)
Rack Pulls
Back Extensions
OH Press
Shoulder Capsule work
One Arm Bench
Pullups (assorted)
Rows (assorted)
Bicep Curls
Hanging Pikes
Wood Choppers
Ab Pulldown

Use GPP to increase bloodflow to area’s that need some active recovery, also to area’s that you feel you need to bring improvement to (EVERYONE can improve their P-chain, and torso). Try to get in some Pre-hab work for your knees and joints. You SHOULD have some grip work going, strong hands & abs= strong body according to our Russian Comrade Pavel Tsat. If you have access to a dragging sled, a tool that can be added to the sled that I heard of I think would be very beneficial for football players:

A “Pusher” Bar- You can use the bar with one hand or two, pushing, pressing, rowing, pulling etc. 4’ Galva. pipe, 2’ eyebolts(2nuts on each or locknut), 2 pipe caps, drill holes in from both the ends, put the eyebolts through put a long loop of chain between the eyebolts attached with carabiners and attach another chain to the center of the hook and the other to your sled.

You can push it (like super man) do the same with one hand/2 hands, pull it, do rows with it, get a thick rope and do strong man type pulls with it. A myriad of things are available… i’m trying to figure out a way to make it unilateral (power rings or something)

Ok that’s a LOT to think about but basically REMEMBER to keep some sort of GPP or practice and keep your endurance up etc.

If I were in your shoes I MIGHT just stick with Westside for Skinny Bastards, because it leaves enough room for you to practice your sprint technique, and there’s very few things better for you dynamically than sprinting.

And if you do get time to sprint (2 sessions a day), Have 5-6 hours between your sprinting session and your weight room time, and sprint on the Upper body days I believe is the reccomendation. Check the “ask joe’s” I could very well be mistaken.

Good Luck!

Nope, all I have is a weightroom at school. I would be sprinting on upper lifting days after lifting. As for exercise selection, I generally think of the different exercises and whichever one registers as “fuck, i hate doing that one, its so damn hard and leaves me sore the next day”, is generally the one I choose.

What you could try is this…

Go ask the strength coach for the school and ask if you could have an old workout book of theirs. They’ll say some crap like “NCAA doesn’t allow us to give out those”. In response you can say “Well, as long as your logo has been blacked out and the cover is gone, no one knows where it came from…”

Worked for a friend of mine walking on at a Big 12 school…

The Big 12 school wouldn’t happen to be the big 12 school in your call sign would it?
I’m a true tiger too!
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