Football Workout for Linemen

Look up crossfit football. they have a program that might interest you written by a former pro Football Lineman.

can u send me the link?

Unfortunately the forum rules don’t allow me to post the link here. Just Google Crossfit and football together and the website will come up. Good luck to you in getting stronger.

I was getting ready to complement your advice, when I read the last line. You should know what you are talking about.

I see others are saying similar things. So let me back them up. Do the Big Four: Clean & Press, Deadlift, Squats and Flat Bench. Do no other weight workouts, Work those four hard do not over train by turning it into a bodybuilding work out. Three time a week is all you need you only have so much in you and you have a lot of other training to do. Speed, coordination, form are all more important that bulk. Big powerful but slow, often sits on the bench. At your age you will get bigger, You are naturally still growing, now you are also working out. Keep the partying in line, you need sleep.

With the rest of your energy follow @shrike s advice It is as good as I have seen.

You can not get enough good sleep and good food. Nutrition for a athlete is all impotent, learn about it and do it.

Beyond all the above, make sure to continue to practice your technique as you get stronger. That means firing out for run blocking, practicing your pulls for plays like tosses and sweeps, and pass sets.