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Football, Without Legs?


This guy is simply determined.






Determination is nice and all, but at some point you've got to deal with reality too. There's no way in hell a 3-foot, 110 pound stump will ever play in any half-serious league, much less the NFL, other than as a sideshow attraction.

It's like that woman goalie in the NHL, Manon Rhéaume; it's a nice publicity stunt, but you don't want her in the net when it really counts.


I don't care for that analogy. If the woman can get the job done, let her do it. If she can't, then don't. I don't think "female athlete" is really similar to "male athlete without legs" at all.


Yeah, but it's kinda funny to compare them. How many stump guys do you think equals one woman athlete? Are they 1:1, 2:1?




I just called Serena Williams and she's on her way to your house to kick your ass.


I even heard that snarl over here in Austria. A chestnut fell from the tree in front of my window. The neighbour's dog is barking.

By the way, slightly off topic, I find that question by far less annoying than when a person posts a picture, claims to be an ectomorph and subsequently asks the forum regulars to guess his body fat percentage. But that's just me...

PS: 1,342634736:1?


He even gets gratification for that?


Thx for the warning, I'll get a couple stump guys to stand guard outside.


She's bringing her tennis racket. The stump guys ought to bounce pretty well.


Well, that's pretty much the problem. She couldn't really compare with the male goalies. I don't have a problem with women competing on an equal footing with men, but in sports, men have a natural advantage in size and speed and probably aggression too.

Tampa Bay used her mostly to generate publicity and let her play in one pre-season game. She gave four goals after twelve shots and didn't make the regular season team.

That's what I'm referring too when I say that one has to stay real. I'm not equating female athletes with a legless men; but simply saying that some determined athletes, while courageous and strong-willed are simply trying to accomplish the impossible. I'm not comparing physical abilities, but unrealistic goals. Manon was an Olympic caliber goalie in women's hockey. In the NHL, she simply didn't cut it. The same way a guy with no legs won't cut it in a game that involves a lot of running.


As a serious question... I wonder what his 40 time is.


Am I the only guy who wishes he had legs like Serena Williams?


i think its safe to say that just abotu everybody on this post is going to hell



I'm in training to take over for Satan when he retires.

Gojira will have to duke it out with the stump guys for the right to be my assistant.


Hell... sigh


This is a textbook definition of thread jacking.


Looking forward to the trip.



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