Football Weight Training?

I play football for my highschool im 15 years old. I play fullback and right now im about 5’6 feet tall and about 165 pounds. I have been lifting for about a year and just been doing bench, cleans, and squats.

none of my lifts are impresive bench about 150 clean 165 and squat about 250. i really dont know how to train so i was wondering if anyone could give me a good lifting program thanks for your help

If you’ve been lifting for at least a year and feel comfortable w/ form on such lifts as deads, squats etc., I’d look into Joe DeFranco’s Westside for Skinny Bastard article. He’s had amazing results w/ his h.s. football player’s that r on this program.



The Bigger,faster,Stronger program sound good for someone of your experience.They have a book of the same name.Get it!It will help you.