Football warm up

I am coaching a youth football team and putting togther a warm up and conditioning program for the kids. The team will have to get in shape during the pre-season workouts. I thought I would start with a warm up jog around the field and do some slow warm up drills(1/4 speed work, Carocca type work, back pedaling) Then I thought I would use PNF for more stretching once everyone is warm. The team would then go through player positions and team drills. for Conditioning I was looking to make it Football specifc, short duration work with rest intervals near 30 seconds to simulate game conditions. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated

Check out the book ‘Renegade Training for Football’ by Coach Davies. It is filled with tons of drills and exercises ranging from agility training, speed development, strength training, work capacity development, etc. This book is a must have for anybody who coaches or trains football players.

I appreciate “DanB” comments and I hope you can make use of the book for years to come. Can I also ask how much time you have with your athletes? In faith, Coach Davies

Coach Davies,
Would your book Renegade Training be applicable to combat athletes also?

Much of the work is extremely appropriate for combative athletes and I know that most of my MMA athletes who I communicate with find it very effective. In faith, Coach Davies

Uhhhhmmmmmmm??? The Renegade for football book does not exist. and if it did you wouldn’t want it. Damn it COACH!!Must you tell the world??? =) It still surprises me that when stretching and warm ups come up everybody doesn’t jump all over them and say HURDLES HURDLES HURDLES. Cheapest most durable piece of equipment I own and easily the most valuable. If your team doesn’t do hurdles, well you just aren’t much of a coach.

Gotta agree with Dark Renegade there, the hurdles can be made super cheap couple bucks for pvc and cones or buckets as the base and cement to fill base. Add a little duck tape to hold the cross pieces and your set, they REALLY help your hip flexibility and therefore your speed. After using them for only a couple weeks I can feel my self running faster.

Coach, any chance of putting together an article just for us crazy MMA types? Before everyone jumps on my case, I’ve read the past articles in t-mag. I’m just trying to put them all together. The GPP, rope-jumping, renegade training, and real ab articles are all great, but how would you combine them all in a periodized plan?

Always like doing articles for the MMA athlete. I have one coming very shortly (maybe even with this week’s t-mag) that will be very applicable. Let me know if you have any specific ideas or concerns. In faith, Coach Davies