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Football Training?

I love football, but I want to look like a bodybuilder also.

I’m going to introduce myself, my name is Logan I’m 15 years of age 6’3 and 230 with a high BF%. I recently started working out just doing arms everyday and legs everday. I recently got a routine created for lifting but It’s not an olympic lifting routine.

Monday: Chest/Biceps
Bench Press: 7x4
Incline Press: 6x4
DumbBell Flyes: 10x3
Pec Deck: 10x3
Barbell Curl: 10x3
Concentration Curls: 10x3
Hammer Curls: 10x3

Tuesday: Legs/Abs
Leg Extensions: 10x3
Squats: 8x2
Leg Press: 10x3
Stiff Leg Deadlifts: 5x4
Leg Curls: 7x3
Crunches: 100
Reverse Crunches: 100

Wensday: Rest

Thursday: Back/Calves
Close Grip Pulldowns: 10x3
BB Bent Over Row: 5x4
T-bar Row: 10x2
Seated Cable Rows: 10x3
Standing Calf Raises: 5x4
Standing Calf Raises: 10x3

Friday: Shoulder/Triceps/Abs
Military press: 10x3
Side Lateral DB Raises: 10x3
Upright Row: 10x2
Cable Pressdowns: 10x3
French Press: 5x4
Lying Tricep Extensions: 5x3

I have been doing this for about 1 month and have noticed strength increases and muscle increases as well. I’m wondering if I could stick with this routine for lifting for football or is there any Football lifting routine that will get me higher strength gains but still be able to achieve a BB pyhsique.

If you tell me my nutrtion needs to be good I did a fair amount of research which I will show you what I eat everyday have been doing it for 1 week 1 days:

-Lentils[half-cup cooked]-(112 Calories)-(9 Protein)-(20 Carbs)-(0 Fat)
-Oatmeal.1cup cooked-(145 Calories)-(6 Protein)-(25 Carbs)-(2 Fat)
-Peanut butter.1.Tbsp-(95 Calories)-(4 Protein)-(3 Carbs)-(8 Fat)
-Tinned Tuna.In water-(116 Calories)-(25 Protein)-(0 Carbs)-(1 Fat)
-Low-fat yougurt 80oz-(127 Calories)-(13 Protein)-(17 Carbs)-(0 Fat)’
-Egg Large.1whole-(75 Calories)-(6 Protein)-(1 Carbs)-(0 Fat)
TOTAL—(670Calories)-(63 Protein)-(66 Carbs)-(11 Fat)*Everything in grams

-Protein shake.82G-(300 Calories)-(52 Protein)-(22 Carbs)-(2.8 Fat)
-Banana-(109 Calories)-(1 Protein)-(28 Carbs)-(0 Fat)
-Peanut butter.2.Tbsp-(95 Calories)-(4 Protein)-(3 Carbs)-(8 Fat)
TOTAL—(504Calories)-(57 Protein)-(53 Carbs)-(10.8 Fat)*Everything in grams

-Skinless chicken breast 3.5oz-(165 Calories)-(31 Protein)-(0 Carbs)-(4 Fat)
-Oatmeal.2cup cooked-(290 Calories)-(12 Protein)-(50 Carbs)-(4 Fat)
-Peanut butter.2.Tbsp-(95 Calories)-(4 Protein)-(3 Carbs)-(8 Fat)
TOTAL—(504Calories)-(47 Protein)-(53 Carbs)-(16 Fat)*Everything in grams

-Kashi Cereal[1cup]-(210 Calories)-(10 Protein)-(38 Carbs)-(3 Fat)
-Tinned Tuna.In water-(116 Calories)-(25 Protein)-(0 Carbs)-(1 Fat)
-Peanut butter.1.Tbsp-(95 Calories)-(4 Protein)-(3 Carbs)-(8 Fat)
TOTAL—(421Calories)-(39 Protein)-(41 Carbs)-(12 Fat)*Everything in grams

-Potato(approx.7oz)-(220 Calories)-(5 Protein)-(51 Carbs)-(0 Fat)
-Extra Lean minced meat(3.50z)-(263 Calories)-(28 Protein)-(0 Carbs)-(16 Fat)
-Protein shake.41G-(150 Calories)-(26 Protein)-(11 Carbs)-(1.4 Fat)
TOTAL—(633Calories)-(61 Protein)-(62 Carbs)-(17.4 Fat)*Everything in grams

5:40pm-(Off to the gym)

-White rice.2cup cooked-(205 Calories)-(4 Protein)-(44 Carbs)-(0 Fat)
-Protein shake.82G-(300 Calories)-(52 Protein)-(22 Carbs)-(2.8 Fat)
TOTAL—(505Calories)-(56 Protein)-(66 Carbs)-(2.8 Fat)*Everything in grams

TOTAL—(3100 Calories)-(310 Protein)-(319 Carbs)-(68.8 Fat)*Everything in grams

TOTAL—(3237Calories)-(323 Protein)-(341 Carbs)-(70 Fat)*Everything in grams

Alright, here’s a lot of advice.

First of all, forget the body part split. It’s not optimal for athletics and you’ll make progress on your physique if you just focus on performance since you’re a beginner.

Second, follow these steps:

  1. Educate yourself
    Read this article first - http://www.T-Nation.com/readTopic.do?id=674008
    Then read as much as you can on this site, especially articles by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson.

  2. While educating yourself, get started with a good program like these-

  3. Make sure you include dynamic flexibility and other movement training. Remember, athletics is about efficient movement. If you have the money and have no idea what I mean by dynamic flexibility, buy the DVD Magnificent Mobility on this site.

  4. (optional) If you have the money, find a good coach near you. I know Eric Cressey works with online clients (go to www.ericcressey.com) and I can personally attest that he is a great coach and the most intelligent guy I know.

Your diet looks pretty decent. Work on your post-workout nutrition a little bit. Maltodextrin/dextrose is cheap and you can add it to your protein instead of the rice, or consider chocolate milk.

Any more questions? Hope this helps.