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football training

I am going to start playing in an intermural football league in April. This will be the first time I have ever played organized football, besides pick up games. I wanted some criticism and advice about my training program I am using now

DB rows
barbell rows
wide grip pull down
4 sets of each

DB bench
Decline bench
4 sets of each
3 sets of sprints


leg extensions
leg curls
standing calf raise
sitting calf raise
saxon side bends
4 sets of each

overhead DB press
4 sets of each

hammer curls
preacher curls
overhead DB press
rope pulldown
4 sets of each
10 mins running

pick up football game
usually 2 hours

I appreciate any help or advice.

I’ll be blunt, that routine sucks.

There are lots of good articles in the FAQ on training for sport, they’ll get ya buff too. Take a look.

you are trying to get prepared for a football contest and so your going to train upper body four times per week and your legs only once. uhh…ok

Yeah your routine is not well constructed. You also should look into doing some explosive movements that Waterbury recommends. Keep reading Waterbury and Coach Davies. Coach Davies has a book “Renegade Training for Football” that you might want to look into.

Drop alot of the volume you have for upper body. Focus more on your legs, especially within multi joint movements (Cleans, snathces, squats, deadlifts). Also, make sure that you dont get into a “bodyuilding” groove by doing high reps and lot’s of volume in each workout. Keep it intense and do less in each session. If you have to gain some weight, don’t just do hypertrophy…cycle in and out and try to transfer your muscular gains to the track and field.

I agree w/ the others that this routine sucks! Its more on then lines of a Hypetrophy/Bodybuilding work-out. Try less volume and instead of working out 5 days a week do a 3x a week training program (a power Circut program). Include some O-lifts in there also especailly, the Clean. Above all other O-lifts.

In Health,

Silas C.