Football Training

Hey Christian! I appreciate you doing this guest forum and giving some of your readers a chance to fire a few questions at you.

I bought your “Black Book of Training Secrets.” It was a great read. I have been following your football program that you included in your book. What percentage of my 1rm should the lifts be performed at? I plan to follow this program as I attempt to return to the field next year. How can I get in touch with you to purchase the next phase of the program?

I look forward to hearing from you and continuing to train the Thibaudeau way.

i would also be interested in purchasing the next phase to the football program.

Understand that I rarely use percentages. The only time I used them is when doing speed work, in that case I use percentages to limit the weight used to maximize speed.

However with heavy lifting I don’t like percentages because depending on your fiber makeup and training experience there will be too much variation. Plus, depending on your level of fatigue 80% might feel like 90% one day and 70% the other.

Work up to using as much weight as you can in perfect form, not going to failure, completing all the prescribed reps.