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Football Training


Hi there... this is my current stats and my goals, trying to be a bigger football players

I am 16 years old playing RB/DB
145 pounds
40 yard dash- 4.8
Bench- 170 pounds
Deadlift- 275
squat-205 (first time squatting)
Vertical- 30 inch
Broad jump- 9"01

Goals for next year (I wanna try playing RB/LB)
170 pounds
40 yard dash- 4.7 ( or at least maintain my 4.8)
Vertical- 34 inch
broad jump- 9"06

My plans for achieving these goals are doing speed training (40 yard sprints, plyo's, speed/agility footwork)during my lunch hour and strength training(bench, power-clean, deadlift,squat) for about an hour after school everyday. Does this sound like a good set of goals and a good plan?
thanks alot.


Joe Defranco. google him. go to the website. start reading all his articles. look into "west side for skinny bastards pt II or III", side note, this is a forum geared to bodybuilding. athletic training although not completely different, does require a different approach.


^ this
the most obvious thing is that you need to increase your strength


ya that's for sure, i usually take 1 protein shake immediately after a workout, should i move up to 2 shakes a day?


depends on your diet. if its poor, lacking in protein, then ya i'd say atleast 2 shakes. shoot for 1.5-2g of protein per pound.


given the fact you want to gain 25 pounds and get faster I would drink 3 shakes a day + 3 solid food meals. Check out some of the mass building diets or lean gain diets on here.

But 40 grams pro X 3 shakes is a very easy way to bump 120 g pro into your day.


I heard tho that protein if you take to much of it will just get you fat and slow, but thats just what i heard not what i know


Don't get caught up in the protein shake hype. Just eat a shitload more than you do now. Don't be afraid of meat and dairy. Eggs, nuts, fish, and beans pack of punch. You need to get plenty of carbs in as well.


Read Synergy's sticky. He played ball in college and professionally. You can look at some of stuff he did.


For the love of god, play Football.
Don't, whatever you do, start lifting and training hard, just to realize you haven't touched a football in months, like so many of my team mates last year. Fools couldn't catch a ball if it was a damn STD..

Lift hard, eat a lot, play your sport.
Do these three things every single day.

Besides that, DeFranco is the man to look up if you need program design or anything more specific.
Dudes a freakin' genius..


just train man!


thanks, all good advice