Football Training

Hi all, I have been asked to train a high school football player. I haven’t coached HS football for a few years, but I have trained a few kids. This kid will be a senior, he is 5’ 10" and around 260 lbs. His is a good football player that could be great with the right training. I have a good handle on the conditioning/sprint type of workouts to use. Can anyone tell me a good place to pick up some more information on the weight training.
Thanks for any responses!

Read all of Coach Davies stuff on this website.

Even though somebody already mentioned it, I’ll say it too. Read ALL of the articles by John Davies, and visit for more from him. It’s great information.

I guess the start two things - to the two posts, thank you for the kind words and I guess the second you really should win something for the best net name. In training your 'ball player, consider all aspects of field performance. Football is not merely a game in which weight training will make you better. Many coaches erroneously do this and unfortunately in the end it is the player pays the cost for poor planning. Within an athletes development I use the term, “the wheel” of conditioning in which each spoke represents a certain attribute. For your athlete to perform his best each attribute (agility, linear speed, proprioreception, reactive ability, work capacity, speed-strength, absolute-strength and naturally sport specific skills) need to be trained in equal proportion. To ignore any of these skills will cost the player where it truly matters - on the field. I will be happy to discuss with you more. In faith, Coach Davies

Thanks for the response, I agree with everything you said, as a matter of fact I told his father that if he wanted me to help it was going to be more than just lifting weights, this kid has ability and now a couple of other dads have asked if their sons could participate. I will do as the others said and look up your articles, I would also love to take you up on the offer to discuss specifics as well. Thanks again, the fact that you are so willing to help and have such a wealth of knowledge speaks volumes about the type of person you are!

Dave Tate has some articals that would be of use to you on his website,