Football Training w/ Strongman Lifts

I am a college football player at the division II level. I want to incorporate strongman lifts into my program but how can i do that without interfering with my gym routine?

I know most college off-season lifting programs are four day (M,T,Th,F) split routines, with some being three-day a week, often full body (such as Bill Starr’s).
Personally, I think twice a week, very demanding, full-body workouts are plenty along with two days of speed, agility, and conditioning. So:
M: Speed, etc.
T: Lift
Th: Speed, etc.
Fri.: Lift

What I would do is simply replace, for part of the year, one of the weight days with strongman. I would pick three or four strongman activities and work them hard-- an example would be log clean and press, tire flip, weight throw for height, and farmer’s walk. I would do this on Fridays. On Tuesdays bench, hang clean, and squat and maybe do two supplementary exercises.

Another way to approach things would be to lift and do strongman on each of three non-consecutive days. So, for example:


Power Cleans
Farmer’s Walk
Ab work


Weight throw for height
Glute-ham raises
Calf raises

Bench Press
Tire flips

Pick out a couple exercises and put them in your routine.

It isn’t rocket science.

Im kind of in the same situation as you. Im doing Westside on a 10 day split, and trying to work in strongman on my off days for GPP and recovery.