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Football Training Cycle


I play WR/DB. I'm need some suggestions or acticles on an off season cylce to improve speed and strength. I'm 27 yrs old 6ft 180lbs about 15-20% bf. Thanks.


If you lower your bodyfat percentage both your speed and strength should improve if you maintain 180lbs. Seriously, 6ft 180 with 15% BF shows there is something off with your training or diet or both. Give us some more information about those so we can see if that is the problem.


Try a cycle of steak, potatoes and chicken and rice.


Ur cool


You're 27 years old and are still using 'ur'. Come on now.

Are you going to ignore my request to give an outline of your training and diet? I feel like it would be in your best interest to be as compliant as possible when asking for help. I don't know how much I'd actually be able to help you but I know for a fact that as a group we would be able to provide some help if you held up your end of the bargain.


I don't think he's really 27. Who is 27 and still playing football, but only 180 pounds at 15%?

He might be more like 17.


The 3-man line, flag football beer league is my guess.


If your in highschool which i'm going to assume you are because i am, and i play ball and cannot think of any league serious enough to take steroids for other than CFL/NFL/..forgot the other one. I'm all for dudes taking steroids, they're choice whatever, but if your 17 and playing highschool football, not only is it not fair, just stupid, all uni's test for steroids. Just eat and train hard, unless your a bitch and that's just impossible.

/rant ( have a big problem with dudes in HS using roids for sports.)


They have some minor league football in some states actually. I don't know a whole lot about it outside of knowing a few guys in their midtwenties who do play for some teams. However, I'm not sure they get paid much, if at all and even though these guys aren't anywhere near good enough to be playing in the NFL or any other league they are all a damn sight bigger than 6'0 at 180.

OP, my suggestion is to follow BONEZ advice and post up. My other suggestion is that you might not have the build for football and unless it's paying the bills well than I'd be saving myself for what is paying the bills instead of getting injured acting like I'm still 17. Unless you are 17...in which case just eat a lot more quality foods and lift harder.


Actually forget everything I said.

Turns out our Chaz here is quite the amazing guy.

Here he is in March of '08. Training for four months, but the poor guy was only 5'11 at 193.

In May of '08 Chaz was 25 years old, he had gained an inch (congrats, I'd love to grow at 25.) He weighed in at 195 and was asking on our forum about PH. KSman got back to him, but Chaz stopped posting.

In October of '08 Chaz was looking for speed training advice for football, but when he was asked for stats and such he dried up.

In May of this year Chaz decided that he had really only been training for six months (though he did admit he was a beginner). He was given some decent advice on a compound mass routine.

The routine worked so well that in the past few months he lost 15 pounds and ended up at 180.

OP, I'm not trying to be a bastard, but I don't want others wasting time on thoughtful posts when you haven't put in an ounce of effort to deserve it. Go back to the beginners forum, put on twenty pounds of muscle(not weight, muscle) and come back to us in a year.


Well done Sherlock. E-high five


Damn good post fireflyz.

Chaz, although your getting flamed everyone is still here to help. Just make another appearance to the thread and bring some stats with you!


Haha, thanks :wink: