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Football Training Advice


This is my first post on this site. I'll start by giving some backround about my training history. I started lifting my freshman year. My football team followed the BFS program. I don't know if this is the greatest program around but it was pretty good. The thing i liked most about it was that the coach was really involed in training. He whould have records posted on the wall and everything. It really made you want to train harder.

The problem is now that coach moved and this new guy took over. He gave us a lifting program and when i took one look at it i knew i was gonna need help. It has you doing smith machine squats for 2 sets of 20 reps. It focus on chest press machine enstead of bench press, cleans or deadlifts are no where to be found.

Im hoping someone on this board can help me with a program to build power, strength, and speed for football. Its going to be my last season and i want to remember it. I dont think im gonna get into a college mainly due to money problems but thats a whole nother story.

Here are my stats and postition if it helps:
Age: 16(junior in highschool)
Hieght: 5'8
weight: 185
Bench Press: 225
squat: 315
deadlift: 325
Clean: 175

and i play fullback and some linebacker so a need a lot of explosive speed.
With the help of you guys i can hopefully have the coach follow a diffrent program and help our team win.

thanks for your time.


The simplest advice I can give you is continue doing the BFS program on your own, from memory. It's not a bad program at all.
However, that I would suggest is following Westside for Skinny Bastards and then WSSBII. Look them up on T-Mag(Nation).


this has to be a joke, two sets of twenty on the smith machine?lol. where are you located dude?


I second Westside for Skinny Bastards- some top college and pro football players are using that template and Coach Joe DeFranco really knows his stuff. I am currently using it, slightly changed for my sport (volleyball) and I can tell you that I have made great gains, I've improved my standing vertical about 2" in less than 6 months while adding about 10 pounds of muscle. One of my favorite things about the template is how you can customize it to your own needs and bring up your weak points.


i live in connecticut, i don't want to have to start training on my own, because i think it's better if we all train as a team. I don't know if i can talk to this new coach about lifting because he's pretty full of himself. I gave the westside for skinny bastards a look, it sound pretty good. Any other suggestions?



Take a stand or don't. It's you who claims to 'want' this. Then you have to take control of your life/your decision. Why would lifting as a group leading you straight to mediocracy, be better than lifting alone? How about you simply get 1,2,3...like minded people and do your own thing? You haven't tried to present your ideas to your coach, yet you assume he will ignore them.


1--try talking to coach
2--do what's best for you
3--is there some rule that says you can't lift in the same building, but do an altered routine


Put it this way... If you continue to train as the "new" coach advises, you'll certainly remember your last year on the team (your knees will remind you as well). And by the age of 30 you'll be kicking yourself for not having taken control over your own destiny.

I second the "is this a joke?". While I believe you completely, this coach needs a B slap.

BFS is fine and so is WSSB (I have much more intimacy with Westside than BFS).

PLEASE do yourself a favor and train alone if you have to. Whatever you do, DO NOT squat in the Smith and for 20 reps!?!?!? He (the coach) should be shot! (not literally).


I'm going to show the coach this program that i found on another site:

Weeks 1-2

Deadlifts: work up to 3RM
Speed box squats: 6x2(60%)
Hang clean: 3x3
Glute ham raise: 3x10
Good mornings: 3x10
Weighted sit-ups: 3x10

Incline press: work up to 1RM
DB Floor press: 5x5
Lat pull-down: 4x10
Lateral raises: 3x10
Skull crushers: 3x10
Reverse curls: 3x10

High box squat: work up to 5RM
Zecher squat: 5x5
Leg press: 3x10
Romian deads: 3x10
Hyper ext: 3x10
Weighted sit-ups: 3x10

Speed bench: 8x3(65%)
Push press: 5x3
T-bar row: 3x10
Face pulls 3x10
Skull crushers: 3x10
Shrugs: 3x10

Weeks 3-4

Trap bar deadlift: work up to 5RM
Box squat: 6x2(65%)
Hang snatch: 3x2
Glute ham raise: 5x6
Good mornings: 5x6
weighted sit ups: 3x10

Bench press: work up to 3RM
Incline DB press: 5x5
CLose grip pull-ups: 5x6
Front raises: 5x6
JM press: 5x6
Hammer curls: 3x10

Low box squat: work up to 1RM
Power cleans: 5x5
Hack squat: 3x10
Romaian deads: 5x6
Pull-throuhgs: 5x6
weighted sit ups: 3x10

speed bench: 8x3(60%)
Split jerk: 5x3
Chest supporetd row: 5x6
Rear delt machine: 5x6
Push downs: 3x10
DB shrugs: 3x10

week 5-6

Power clean: work up to 1RM
speed box squat: 6x2(60%)
Speed pulls: 5x1
Glute ham raise: 4x8
Good mornigns: 4x8
WEighted sit ups: 3x10

Close grip bench: work up to 5RM
DB bench: 5x5
Chin ups: 4x8
Lat/Front raises: 4x8
DB tricep extention: 4x8
Barbell curls: 3x10

Front box squat: work up to 3RM
Snatch grip deads: 5x5
Deep squat: 4x8
Romaina deads: 4x8
Hyper ext:4x8
weighted sit ups: 3x10

speed bench: 6x3(65%)
Pause bench: 5x5
Bent-over row: 4x8
Seated DB clean: 4x8
DB tricep extention: 4x8
Trap bar shrugs: 3x10

What do you all think of this program, i little to much volume maybe? Im going to talk to the coach tommorow morning about changed programs.


For highschool football? WSSB is much more your speed (and mine and I'm 35 y/o). I would not worry about percentages and a speed day until your big lifts get pretty high. By the way, what do you squat-dead-bench-etc.?


If I were you , I d get " ONLY THE STRONG SHALL SURVIVE" by Bill Starr( I think thats the name)
Its a great book for football
Starr recommends
bench press
power cleans
with a bit of corework
keep it simple is always the best way


What school are you in CT? I think I may know some coaches up there still, and if they are near you see if we could network you with the NSCA/USAWF high school coaches up there....and yea, train alone if you have to doing the right stuff. BFS is much better than doing some whacked out routine, and yea hand the guy a copy of The Strong Shall Survive by Bill Starr if you want to...that or have him contact UCONN S&C just to ask as a curious HS coach if his ego will allow, Id advise Yale but I have no clue who is coaching up there now