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Football Testing

I just graduated from high school and i have signed with a college football team. They recruited me as a wide receiver and that is where i would like to play at. Im 6’3" about 202lbs.
(Close but not exact)
Squat: 405
Clean: 285
Bench: 185
RDL: 385(i dont RDL very much)
If you can probably guess my big problem area is my bench i have been training for track and football(and basketball) mainly and spent most of my lifting with focus on legs.

My concern is that with testing for football coming up in the beginning of August i want to be able to turn heads and get a bit more attention in the first day testing. So basically i have two months to try to achieve a 300lbs bench press.

The problem is that i have been having trouble with my right shoulder i hurt it and it is difficult to lock out at the top of my bench, it hurts to bench press and yeah i can play through pain but i dont want to mess anything up.

So how do increase my bench (BY A LOT) without screwing up my shoulder too much?

Now, I know that this isn’t going to help you any but I am going to say it anyways. A 115 pound PR in two months will require some serious voodoo because I don’t think that conventional training methods can help you increase that many pounds in such a short time.

In regards to your shoulder, you should address the rehab of it before you screw it up trying for a huge bench. Your worth on the field is dependent on your play and not on your bench press poundage. Impress them on the field and it will not matter what your bench number is. Thats my .02 cents.


Yah not likely to happen sorry bud. Most I ever got was 45 lbs increase in 2 months and I was shocked about that heh

You’re way off base man. As a wide receiver you need to concentrate on powerclean first and squat second. Unless the team you are going to runs outside 60 times a game your bench press won’t impress anyone because you won’t be blocking that much.

The bench press is only impressing the coaches for positions that are going to be grabbing someone and locking them out. However if you show up cleaning 350 pounds the heads will turn. Even as an offensive lineman, people were always more impressed by my big clean than my big bench.