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Football Strength Routine Critique

Ok I already posted a workout a little while back but Ive tweeked it just a bit after some research and after realizing I have school plus a full time job. Im a placekicker who is going out for the team as a walk on in the spring (and after watching the awful kicking at our d-1 school this season I plan on making it and starting).

I like working out and being athletic so Im trying to build as much raw strength n power as possible before spring just for my own benefit, and I work out 4 days a week upper lower splits as it is what most colleges including our own do.

Im training for STRENGTH mind you Im already very muscular(ha to the idiots who said low reps only build strength not muscle) and I have been lifting for two years, not long mind you but I have tried many different things and know my body well.

I want some input on my workout, mostly the upper body part since the lower body is light since I have to be able to kick far and squatting 500 pounds wont do diddly shit for that, plyos are my main weapon and have helped me reach the endzone on my kickoffs. Anyway my bench is what I really want to improve and all my other lifts of course, what do you more experienced guys think about this routine???

I including at least one exercise for each main part, or tried to. Honest feedback appreciated…

Bench Press 4x5
Incline Bench Press 4x6
Cable Rows(Back) 4x8
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3x6
Pull-ups 4x15
Standing Barbell Curls w/hammer Curls 3xsupersets

Single leg Squats 3x10
Jump Lunges 3x20
Jump Squats 2x10
Decline Weighted Crunch 3x15
Russian Twists (weighted)

Agility/Speed Work (more for cardio fitness and athleticism)

Bench Press 1x5 (working up for a max set of 5 reps, heaviest possible to improve bench)
Dumbbell Bench Press 4x10
Standing Push Press 3x6
Lat Pull-downs 4x8
Pull-ups 4x15
Preacher Curls/Dumbbell Curls Supersets x3

Deadlifts 4x6
Leg Press 3x6
Single Leg Squats 2x10
Russian Twists 3x25
Hanging Leg Raises 3x15

Agility/Speed Work

Some notes on this really quick if it helps. I work a 40 hour per week job so I keep everything efficient and try not to over work myself(i think). I practice kicking t, th, and sat. Im also 5’8 180 pounds with about 10 perc BF.

Again this routine is intended to build strength and power for football (if for some weird unexpected reason I dont make it as a kicker I want to play special teams or something Im fast/strong enough). My max lifts are 350 BP 455 SQT and 465 DL(did that this morning I was pretty happy since two months ago I could only do 250).

Dont ask about my diet, I think Im proof that your nutrition albeit very important isnt always that important to building a good frame, and i take NO supplements though Im thinking of what creatine could do for me:). Anyway with that said Feedback on my routine is appreciated!!! Thanks …

I think you need more explosive movements like hang/power cleans and push press. Seems odd to not have squat in a football workout, but I’ve also never kicked so you would probably know more about that than me (I was a defensive tackle and a long snapper).

I’d like to see vids of your supposed lifts.

So by your own admission you have a terrible diet, you take no supplements and in two years you’ve achieved a 1270 total. Awesome, your ideas intrigue me. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.

[quote]Adell wrote:
So by your own admission you have a terrible diet, you take no supplements and in two years you’ve achieved a 1270 total. Awesome, your ideas intrigue me. I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter.[/quote]

He also apparently has the secret to adding 215lbs to your deadlit in 2 months.

yea it does seem like some of that information provided is a lil off.
regardless, i would add rotational core work, cleans, squats and deadlifts. seems like ur pressing a lot throughout the week. jump squats and jump lunges are being done with too many repitions. this is explosive work intended to be done with less reps. with 20 jump lunges ur turning it into high rep conditioning/metabolic work.

one thing that really stands out is ur thursday workout “Lat Pull-downs 4x8 Pull-ups 4x15”. it is a little redundant. stick to pullups and add weight accordingly imo.