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Football Speed Training

I am a football player and therefor along with my ongoing struggle to gain strength and size i am also always trying to get faster.  to be more specific im right now working on straight away speed.  somthing somone told me would be helpfull for this would be to do "lots" of 10 yard sprints.

what he failed to mention was how many sets, how many individual sprints, and how much time to leave between there sets and reps of sprints. What im asking is if anyone out there has heard of this or other methods for straight away speed and if they have herd of this then does anyone have an idea of how many sets and reps?


What position do you play?

There would be a big difference whether you are a D-Lineman or a Corner.



straight away speed is straight-away speed reg: of position.

Resistant sprints
Ball drops
core work

I think 10 yds is ok, but don't be afraid to work in the 20-40 range as well. Overall conditioning will also carry over to the shorter run.

Rest long enough to go into the huddle and prepare for the next play. Thats why hills were always good. Run up and then walk down for active recovery. Same with all sprint work. If you want to be sport specific you should try and emulate the activity as close as possible.


What are ball drops?


You stand a predetermined distance from someone who drops a tennis ball from eye height or so. The idea is to get to the ball in the fewest amount of bounces. The current 'record holder' at FSU is still Deon Sanders.

It's simply to work on your explosion of the gun. It simply allows for some type of measurement when you're dealing with such a short distance.


google this guy named Kelly Baggett,

If you want to get fast he's the man to speak to. Read every article on his site about 3x (dont bitch it only took me 3 1.5 hr session... i timed it haha)

But believe me, it can change your whole perception of "game speed" and how to train for it.


kelly baggett dunking at 5'9


You can do those drills using 3-5 sets.

I'd also love to try running with a parachute and those sled dragging and car pushing would also be good


the point of doing 10 yard sprints is to work on your start. The start in the 40 is the easiest place to take time off. It doesn't make you that much faster top speed wise, it just makes you explode quicker.


Running with a parachute is really not a very good idea. It damages your running mechanics.


I don't think he is worried about his 40 time nearly as much as he is worried about being a better football player. And I think in a general sense a quick 10 yard sprint and average 40 time would be better for football then an average 10 and quick 40.


hard to actually tell whether or not its beneficial at all.

Some days there's more wind than others, etc. Running with a sled might be a better idea as long as there's no more than a 10% deficit to your running time/speed I believe if the guage.


thanks for that guy! I never heard of him before. There's STUCKS of fantastic material on his site, and all speed, VJ related.
Thank you again,



I agree, the sled is much better, just a way more consistant way to do things. You can go to the 10% drop-off for high speed running, or higher loads to work on short-speed acceleration. Plus I'd imagine it's a lot easier to use than a fucking parachute blowing everywhere.


more plyo and footwork drills will help you. Running uphill is also a good way to improve your speed


One thing that increased my 10 and 20m sprint time as well as my endurance is doing later sprints with each cone at 5m using tabada (sp?) intervals.
I play Lock in rugby, which is really similar to a lot of the line positions in football.

I also know a lot of people who invest in weighted vest and swear by them, but I've never used them when sprinting


Yea, that pretty much sums it up.

Also, as far as the weightroom goes, max. strength is foundational to ALL other elements. Basically, stronger = faster (to a point, obviously).

One thing that really helped me as a TE was to get someone to run with. Run sprints in sets of 7-10...but instead of just sprints, we ran pass patterns and the other guy threw the ball. There were some weeks where I was catching something like 150-200 balls. It wasn't pure speed work...but, whats the sense in running a 4.4 40-time when you can't run a 5 yard out fast enough.

Mix it up.


Kelly Bagget is just about a genious, as a high school football player i feel his site will help me tremendousely so thank-you if anyone else has anything else to reccomend contact me via PM. i would enjoy any help


I realize that. He also said that someone told him to do 10 yd sprints. I'm saying that people are told this because it helps their 40 time, not because it makes them faster. Most people who go to combines spend a lot of time on their starts. this makes them look good on paper. I never said that it would make him a better football player.

What position do you play anyway? What level?


Im a junior in high school and this coming season will be my third as a varsity starter at D end but i also have starting expiereince at O tackle, and D tackle, I have gotten game time at the O guard position, tight end position, outside linebacker position and i have been learning longsnapping for next season cause our longsnapper is graduating this year.