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Football Skillz


I've been toying with the idea of going back to school to get my masters / phd. I trained for d-3 college ball but never played (got talked out of it by my parents and gf at the time). So since I'm planning on going back to school I want to make the most out of what I didn't do back then. I'm 23, will probably go back in 2-3 years depending on the situation. Definately not opposed to hard work which this will obviously be. I was a 400 m sprinter in high school but my 40 time is way down right now due to recent inactivity. If I work hard, work on explosive power, drills for agility / quickness, and up my lean mass so i can be 195 and 5-8% what do you think my chances are?

Obviously I'll also have to practice and improve my hand eye coordination and balance. But is this impossible?


You may check this out to be sure, but I believe that you only have 10 semesters of eligibility, so you may have already used that up.


I think you have a 72.354678% chance.


If I were you I would get a hold of a D3 school in your area and ask about your eligibility. The compliance director "should" know what it would be, after all it is his job.
Give it a shot


You get 5 years to compete for four... with no running clock.

In DI and I believe DII there is a clock started when you first enroll fulltime.

I was a DI SEC walk-on, hurt my knee as a redshirt freshman and left school.... decided to go back a number of years later and could not play DI even though ability level was still on par with smaller DI schools...

If you graduated from your DIII school in four years (eight full-time semesters), you may be able to play a year...



yes it's fucking possible. i never even played in high school, but im gonna be one of the best NFLers of my time.

if it wasn't possible then it wouldn't be my one goal.

barring injury or death, of course.


How much you wanna bet I can throw this football over that mountain?


betcha couldn't even hit a kid riding a bike with a steak.


i played D1 ball man and i think if you are 25? right now and still not planning on going back for 2-3 years (28-29 years old)your chances are slim. football isn't like any other sport. when you get out of the contact for a few years i think it's really really tough to get back into it. it is also very very hard to get speed back after a period that you haven't kept it up. especiallly if that has been in terms of years.

also, like all sports, football is largely dependent on footwork, lateral movement, and explosion. again, IMO, these are things that, when neglected for a period of time, do not come back easily if at all. sorry to be downer but while i was playing ball i saw a few guys your age that were in your same type of situation, and could never get back to a competitive state again. sorry to be a downer man, but i'm just being honest.




I can throw a football over a mountain. As long as it is 50 feet long, 40 feet tall and there isn't a flag pole on top. Haha.

Like I said before, it is a lofty goal / dream. Can I work towards it to get in the shape to do it? Yep, can I walk on, become an nfl superstar in a year? Probably not. But I don't dream of the big money. I just want to hit someone legally.


that's awesome man. good luck.