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Football Routine/Supps Help

This is my first post here but anyways…

I’m going into my Junior Year at highschool and i play DE/G although im only 170 pounds. My numbers are 165 bench, 155 powerclean, 295 Squat, and a 325 DeadLift im also taking Nitro-Tech.

Here is the Routine the coaches gave us Mondays Bench and Squat Tuesdays agilitys Wednesday Dead Lift and Power Clean Thursday Agilitys week#1 3 sets of 3 week#2 5 sets of 5 week#3 5 sets of 5,4,3,2,1 then week#4 3 sets of 10,8,6 then start all over again and this goes for the 4 core lifts Bench Clean Squat and Dead Lift. Then i do auxillary lifts. I havent seen much gain in strentgh really.

As for diet i dont really have one i just dont drink pop and rarely eat fast food.

My Speed is below average as well ive been doing stretches to try to help. I have enrolled in a speed camp but it may not come through since theres not alot of people particiapting.

So basically i need your help for my weight lifting routine, speed and diet. As well as if i should keep taking Nitro-Tech or ditch it and try something new. Thanks for reading its a long post.

Learn to eat to gain size.

Don’t get hung up on supplements.

I play guard in college, and for the longest time I have been the shortest on the O line. The best thing about being a guard is that you have to be crazy. My cousin played guard in college also and we both earned a reputation as being bad M-Fers because on every play we kept hitting people before the end of the play. Size and strength don’t always help you heart goes a lot further sometimes. Just don’t quit, and aim for 2 knock downs a play.

As for strength, try working some power cleans, and high pulls. These are great for explosion. Shrugs help your traps grow and give you more stability and safty in your neck area. Continue working on the core lifts, but try to increase the weight a little at a time.Just continue to eat clean, don’t drink soda pop