Football Routine for a Friend?

Before you say anything, let me just say that I just need help in deciding the splits.

My friend came up to me recently and asked how he could gain weight for football. I told him that I would help him with the program and the basics of the dieting. So, I was wondering what would be better: total body workout or a upper body/lower body split.

Just started lifting?
rippetoes/madcows/stronglifts for begginers

lifting for a while?
madcows/stronglifts/WSFSB/other program

I liked a WSFSB setup but I did 2 days with weights for lower body. One based off the pull, the otehr the squat. Try to find a way to squeeze cleans into the program.

Any strength based program would work. I think Zephead listed some of the best and should work nicely.


Alright, thanks. I will just put in complexes for now, but the split, I will figure out from how he responds.