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Football Program


Hey Everyone,

Well summer training is starting up, and I'm looking for a solid program to follow.

My goals are to gain strength, gain/maintain size, and develop explosivness.

During our workouts, coaches will implement plyometrics, so I think, in terms of my lower body explosion, I should be fine.

I considered WS4SB, but come to the conclusion that I can handle a higher strength training frequency. Simply put, I have good-really good recovery abilites. That + lots of sleep and food.

I have been strength training for 2 years now, and feel like I have a really strong base to build off.

I'm a strong advocator of ME.SE.RE.DE methods.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



Go to Defrancotraining.com and go to Ask Joe. I think in one of them he says how to maintain your strength through out the season.

I heard it's common for a lot of athletes lose strength towards the end of the season since they don't lift as much as off-season.


Try a normal westside routine with oly lifts implimented on the dynamic days.


Ask your coach. I am guessing that you probably are playing H.S. ball and if you are playing college and you have a program designed by your coach, use it. I know alot of people who don't like the program but it really will probably be the most effective.


The Bill Starr 5x5 is a nice program. http://www.geocities.com/elitemadcow1/5x5_Program/Linear_5x5.htm


Hey everyone,

Thanks for the suggestions. I am playing H.S ball, this is going to be my last yr.

I considered a standard westside split, but again felt like the ME work was too limited and infrequent.

5x5 Star style is great, but not what im looking for right now. I actually got off the program a couple months ago, utilizing only the big basic lifts. Now I'm looking for something a little more "advanced", something with higher strength frequency.



Can someone explain the concept of submaximal effort? how does that help you?


you could set something up with a standard westside template, incorporate o-lifts on de days and with your max effort add drop off sets, ex: ME 3's low box squat, once you get your me 3 (lets say 300) then do 3 sets of 2 with 5% less (285). do 3 sets of single leg work, throw in some p.c. and get out of there.
on upper body do the same thing, board press with a drop off and you can add back off sets-do your me 3 then add 2-3 sets of 8-12 reps on your me exercise. just some ideas. good luck with the season.


Consult John Davies, he's the best around when it comes to football training.


ALL other methods fall way short in improving performance on the field.


Submaximal effort (SE), is a method used to develop both strength and some size. Its usually in the 4-7 RM. From how I see it, SE, would allow to develop some strength and some size without taxing the CNS or Muscles to the extreme.


Hey, thanks for the ideas.

DO's are a great idea. The thing is, im looking to increase strength training frequency. With multiple strength training sessions, I feel though, it would be a good idea to wave the intenisty to avoid stagnation or overburn.




Thanks for the reference. I'll look into it. Although I must say that Im really stuck to the russian methods, maybe some high/low, and westside.




I call Bullshit too!

DeFranco is the MAN when it comes to football training