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Football Program

hey, im 18 years old, 210 and currently playing OVFL football with 3 hour practices every tuesday and thursday and starting this week games every saturday. also, im working full time at the night shift in a fairly physically demanding factory job.

i was wondering if anybody had some ideas as to what my weight training should look like during this. i was thinking something like a 2 day split with vertical push/pull and a quad dominant focuzs on sundays and horizontal push/pull and a hip dominant focus on wednesdays.
however, im not really sure what the loading parameters should look like. so any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated

what postion do you play and what areas are you weak in?

If you go to the Ask Joe section at Defranco’s Training, there is a Answer from him about this. He recommended two days a week only for weights I beleive. anyways, the paragraph was a basic template for in -season workouts for football players.

you are 18 years old and you should focus on basics regarding football lifting program.football is played on one leg-sprinting,change of direction,lateral movement.the ability of one leg to move your body fast is the most important thing IMO in football.so,these exercises are your priority-1. STEP-UPS WITH A STOMP,2.HEAVY LUNGES,3.ONE-LEGGED SQUATS.if you cant lift a lot of weight on these exercises in relation to your bodyweight,any upper-body strenght is useless,cause you cant move fast enough.