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Football Program


With football season coming to an end, it's time to start getting ready for next year. I'm planning on using the Westside for Skinny Bastards template, but I want to add in some olympic lifts. Any tips on adding these in successfully?

Here are my stats by the way.


HT: 6'0
WT: 175(190)
40: 4.9(4.65)
Bench: 225(265)
Squat: 325(405)
Clean: 205(255)
Dead: 315(385)

I'm currently a sophmore in high school.


There was an almost identical post just a bit earlier. Not a big deal, but some guys on here don't like to help people who don't check back a few pages or use the search function. As I said though, not a huge deal. I'll copy as paste what I responded with cause it's probably pretty applicable.

If your problem is maximal strength, Oly lifts might not be the answer. Oly lifts are general considered to be the lifts which create maximal POWER (with dynamic squats coming in second, I believe), however maximal force is created by lifting maximal weights. I think the key to power development is to constantly address your weakpoints.

Hypertrophy begets strength, which begets power begets speed. If you have very good form and have been doing olympic lifting for 2 years, you may be close to maxing out your power output for how much force you can produce. Therefore, if you spent a little time increasing you max strength, you might see a nice increase when you go back to olympic lifts.

There are three programs that I would consider to be fantastic programs on this site that specifically deal with athletes:

1.) Designer Athletes- Mike Robertson
2.) Pendulum Training for Athletes- CT
3.) Westside for Skinny Bastards pts 1 and 2- Joe DeFranco

You might want to check out Westside pt 2 by Joe DeFranco (go to author's and click "view all" to find him). He does a lot of work with football players all the way up to the professional level. That program as it is does not contain any olympic lifting, but on his website he says that is because he feels like it takes too long too teach most athletes good form in these lifts. Obviously, if that is not a problem for you, you can easily insert them into your program.

I would suggest a sample week like this:

Monday AM- Energy Systems Work

Monday PM- Max Effort Upper Body
A. Heavy Push
Bench Press- Work up to a 3 or 5RM
B. Heavy Pull
Weighted Chins- 3 x 5
C. Unilateral Push
DB Incline Press- 3 x 8
D. Upper Back
Face Pulls- 3 x 12
E. Weighted Abs
Cable Crunch- 3 x 10

Tuesday- Max Effort Lower Body
A. Heavy Squat
Front Squats- Work up to a 5RM
B. Heavy Posterior Chain
Romanian Deadlifts- 3 x 5
C. Unilateral
Reverse Lunges- 3 x 8
D. Grip Work
Hex Dumbell Holds- 3 timed sets

Thursday- Energy Systems Work

Friday- Repetition Effort Upper Body
A. Repetition Push
Bodyweight Dips- Do as many as possible in 3 sets
B. Repetition Pull
Bodyweight Chins- Do as many as possible in 3 sets
C. Medial Delts
Bradford Presses- 3 x 8
D. Upper Arm Supersets
Tricep Extensions/Hammer Curls- 3 x 8
E. Ab Circuit
Pick 3 ab exercises and perform them for high reps

Saturday- Whole Body Dynamic Day
Pick either a clean or snatch emphasis

Clean Emphasis
A. Power Clean from Floor
5 x 3
B. Dynamic Front Squats
8 x 2
C Split Jerk
5 x 3

Snatch Emphasis
A. Power Snatch from Floor
5 x 3
B. Drop Snatch
8 x 2
C. Push Jerk
5 x 3

I think that's a pretty good way to integrate oly lifts into a westside type template. WS4SB is a great program for football players. It seems perfectly suited for your positions as well. If you were a offensive or defensive back I'd say to add in plyo and speed stuff but that's probably not as big of a deal if you are a te/lb.

However, you might want to think of adding a 3 to 4 week speed-strength block of plyo/ballistic work about 6 weeks before camp start. That would help you transfer all the strength you're going to be getting from now until then into speed and explosiveness.

Additionally, does your school test for the 40 time? If so, you probably want to spend a considerable amount of time (maybe 4 or 5 30 minute sessions) working on your technique. I know it is very common for guys to drop .1 to .2 seconds off their 40 time just by working on technique, if they haven't done so before. However, I would only really worry about your 40 time a week or two before you get it tested by your coaches. Vertical jump is a much better indication of explosive power.

Let me know if you have any comments/questions.


Thanks a lot for the feedback. I'll be sure to check the first several pages next time before asking a question. I was considering putting in an oly lift for one of the ME lifts, but I like the idea of having saturday an oly lift day a lot better. My high school doesn't time 40's, but I'm still going to spend about 2 weeks working on form, because I'll be going to several football camps this summer. Thanks again.



Sounds good. I like an "explosive" day a lot better. For some reason I feel like whenever I have to switch modes from say max strength to explosive strength or strength endurance that I don't do as well. I like going into the gym with the mindset that everything I do is going to be explosive.

Let us know what type of progress you make!