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Football Program - Safety

Let me briefly explain my situation. I played football my entire life until sophomore year of HS due to an injury. Now in my sophomore year of college, I would like to try and start again for next year. Throughout football, my height has limited me to certain positions. I started out at line, and later on as everyone grew taller moved to linebacker/runningback.

At this point, being 5’9 on a good day, I think it would be wise to try safety. I am built like a big linebacker for my height and this is why I choose SS over FS or CB. I have never played this position before but I am a mean bastard on defense and figure it can’t be a whole lot different than outside linebacker.

At the moment I am 180 pounds and would like to get to 200 even (anymore would probably slow me down) while gaining a ton of speed. I mainly need to work on speed as my B/S/D are 350/550/500.

I have searched this site and have not found any lifting or training programs for defensive backs specifically. If someone wouldn’t mind helping me I might be able to walk on.

Look up BigMartins Tier training program on here for member posts. It involves conditioning and training in the gym.