Football Positions Do You Think I Can Play

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i just found out that the colleges i am applying to right now have walk on football tryouts.[/quote]
Read this article from Wendler:

If you’re still considering it afterwards, go for it.

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Fuck the naysayers, you won’t know until you try[/quote]
This kid posts a similar question every few months, asking what sport he should play, what drills he should do, how to get faster and jump higher, how to get stronger… then comes back, says he’s taken the last month off but now he’s ready to resume training all while ignoring the quality advice he’s been repeatedly given. He’s either a troll or the least athletic dude of all time. Either way, he’s not playing competitive sports.[/quote]
this, I did not know[/quote]
Yep. Consistent behavior that isn’t a good sign… at… all.
“i went to the gym for the first time in a long time yesterday”

“right now i am not really working out since im on summer vacation and its ramadan. i haven’t lifted in awhile.”

September 2013, more than a full year ago:
“i am 6ft in 165lbs.”

That’s 13 straight months of, essentially, zero progress. Benches 115, can’t squat 135, can barely deadlift 145, but dude wants to walk onto a college football team. Okee doke.