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Football Positions Do You Think I Can Play


i just found out that the colleges i am applying to right now have walk on football tryouts. since i saw this i became interested in it.
i am 6ft 1in 165lbs, i just started to workout again after a break this month. i workout about 6 days a week. i lift 3 days a week, and do plyos and sprints 3 days a week.

i have never been on a football team before. i am a high jumper for my school's track team.

i think if i continue with the way i am training i can become maybe a cornerback, or a wide reciever, or maybe a field goal kicker. what do you guys think.


I don't think it's up to you. You show up, get knocked around, and coaches put you wherever they want.

You need to gain some weight for anything but a kicker, though. I had a friend about 4-5 inches shorter than you at 160 that tried out for SOCCER, and they told him he'd need to gain weight.


At your size you would probably be the tackling dummy until you get hurt.


You better be fast as fuck.


How fast/quick are you? Speed can make up for a lack of size, but you also need football skills in the positions you are looking at. Lots of the guys you will be competing with for a job will have years of football under their belt. If you really want to do this, train hard and find a way to practice football skills in the meantime. Good luck!


This would help. :slightly_smiling:


As a dude with no football background trying to walk on you need to be a freak of an athlete.* If you show raw athletic talent a coach will see how you work in practice and try to plug you in somewhere, but you're looking at trying to get on special teams to begin with.

*Seriously, a freak of an athlete.


Every team needs tackling dummies, though.


This. If you're not running a legit sub 4.6, don't have long arms and big hands, can't jump and don't have the ability to pick up physical qualities quickly, don't bother.


Fuck the naysayers, you won't know until you try


This kid posts a similar question every few months, asking what sport he should play, what drills he should do, how to get faster and jump higher, how to get stronger.... then comes back, says he's taken the last month off but now he's ready to resume training all while ignoring the quality advice he's been repeatedly given. He's either a troll or the least athletic dude of all time. Either way, he's not playing competitive sports.


Aw, don't let them bring you down, OP. They're just a bunch of haters.

Just watch Rocky and do what he does.

Oh! And what about that one with Mark Wahlberg?


I just realized I didn't answer the original question. I think you should go right for quarterback, OP!


Dude you have never played football and want to walk on at a college program?

I suggest you get on a serious weight training program.

Try to find some pick up flag football games going on and play in those.

Try walking on next year, or the year after, keep doing those two things above consistently.

If you try walking on this year, you will be fucked, and it would probably kill whatever confidence you might have because of how bad it would be.


He is not fast. He was a high jumper on his high school team, not even the 4th fastest guy on his track team


I really like that movie. Based on a true story


Lol, Jesus people...

OP what division is it? If it's D3 you'll probably be fine. I'm not saying you'll make it, but I doubt you'll be the lankiest guy out there. If we're talking about Auburn then ya, you better be a freak of an athlete.


I think you are underestimating D3 football a little bit. Then again it is entirely possible that my sarcasm meter is busted. Most of the time D3 and Juco are filled with kids that are some of the most talented kids at small schools or bad teams that don't draw the recruiting attention. Having never played football before you better be a dang good athlete if you are going to walk-on.


No, not at all. I'm just saying that the kid may very well have a shot at making the team, practice squad, or whatever at a D3 school. At least around here.

Obviously he is under sized, but has good potential to grow.


I just think that without a previous base in football, he would need to be a very good athlete to make them want to take the time to teach him. Otherwise they are going to just say sorry. Maybe our JUCO's and D3's are just stronger around here (while probably true with JUCO, I kind of doubt the D3), but you had to be pretty athletic to be a contributor. I walked on to my JUCO team and made it, but decided not to play, so from personal experience it can be done. But I played up till my Jr year, and I had attended high level football camps as a younger player, and was a decent athlete. This kid would get killed in that environment.