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Football Players Diagnosed with Rhabdo



It wasn't listed in this article, but one of the players evidently reported being "forced" to perform 100 squats at 240lbs in a limited time frame.

At least they haven't come out blaming the creatinez just yet! My Over-Under before that gets mentioned is 4pm today.


First compartment syndrome and now this. http://blogs.webmd.com/breaking-news/2010/08/compartment-syndrome-hits-high-school-football-team.html

people are crazy about their football training.


Heard about this on the radio this morning, the fart and whistle DJ went straight to the roidz as the cause.


People are idiots.


I'm pretty sure anabolics would actually help prevent rhabdo.

An idiotic trainer or a weekend of binge drinking would probably be better speculations.


Stimulants are a possibility. Some nitwhits with some adderall or some other thing to get them through a tough workout is possible. in thirty years I've only seen this in textbooks. Not at Ironman races, not at powerlifting meets or gyms, wrestling teams etc.

something isn't right here.


Pfft. That's 1/2 my warmup. Take the dress off and finish the damn set.



There is some other recreational drug shit going on here, nothing with training or the sport of football itself.

Biglifter, I nearly fell out of my chair looking at your new avatar.


It'll be interesting to see what develops. One of the fellas with whom I work "got rhabdo" recently. (This was as per the doc). Supposedly it was from a Crossfit workout. I feel it was probably that he is a lazy fuck and has something else going on...but what do I know?

It is odd that an "obscure" issue is now common and prevalent. What gives?


Thanks. I'll be here all evening.


Bitch got a hairier chest than I do.


More witch hunt.

Anyone see the ESPN article linking the Steelers historical success and subsequent health failures of players to steroid use?


Dehydration is a common factor... They were working out in 100 degree weather... There's no evidence that creatine increases risks... Ok guys, let's blame it on the creatine.