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Football Player Nicknames


I hate this habit of calling football players by the first letter of their first name and first three of their last name.

You're an old white guy. If you want to call DeSean Jackson "DJAX" you've also gotta name three songs by Jay-Z that didn't involve Linkin Park.


My football nickname is K-MART
Too bad I don't play football.


^ So when is your blue light special?


Can I borrow that one then, because D-ADA sucks. :frowning:


Mack Strong was a FB for the Lions, IIRC. He didn't need a nickname. Neither does D'Brickashaw Ferguson, current Jets Pro Bowl left tackle.


He doesn't play football, but there's a Baylor basketball player named LaceDarius Dunn. His first name is LaceDarius. How fucking gangster is that? That's way better than D'Brickashaw.


Yeah, so gangster he got suspended for beating his girlfriend. :-/


Jets Fullback - Terminator. it starts and ends there


His name is John Conner


I thought this was going to be a thread about how much more awesome Megatron is than... well basically any other nickname there is.


That really is the best nickname ever.


My nephew has the middle name of Slayer.
First name Richard.
Thats right, Dick Slayer.
Here's hoping he's uber good at some sport.
He's three.


I was really hoping someone would make that connection. Thank you for being you.


I like Joe Montana's nickname: Joe Cool.