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Football player- need help

I’m a division one defensive end, but I weigh 220 pounds. My speed is pretty average, or slightly on the slow side, and my strength is average. I’m a freshmen, so right now this is all ok, but I really need to gain some weight (muscle) without comprimising speed.
Obviously I have no flexibility whatsoever in weights due to a very specific regimen. I really could use some advice with diet/supplements. Also, it would be great if it were taken into consideration that I cant risk any dehydration during the season which ends in about 6 weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated, and I dont want to post here, but you can track any progress I make on the school website (xxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxx.com if you want that). Thanks for any advice you can give me,

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since no one has posted yet i’ll toss up my advice

#1 with strength comes MORE speed
#2 with flexibility comes the chance to generate more force

i stretch inbetween sets and i find it helps,


I agree w/ naslund 19 in regards to his 2 points…increase strength and flexibility. But I wouldn’t stretch in b/w sets…unless it is a body part you are not working. i.e. it’s ok to stetch legs b/w sets if training the upper body. Save static stretching for post-workout.

As far as supps. go, for now I’d look into a good protein powder like Low-Carb Grow! (Although not necessary, just makes it a little easier to eat more meals w/ the busy schedule I’m sure you have) Try to eat at least 1 gram of protein/lb of body weight, consume carbs during and post-workout especially, eat fruits and veggies throughout the day and drink plenty of water. Drink it even when not thirsty. You could also use creatine, which should help improve max strength/power. I know you are in college and it is a great time to party and have fun, but try not to go overboard. Sleep in HUGE in recovery which will make your workouts better and help you put on size/speed.