Football Player Looking for Program

Recently my training/workouts have gone down hill very fast. Mostly I only have time for football workouts and these are now ridiculously unhelpful and besides that I’ve been gone for about a month and a half so I wasn’t even getting that bs. The reason these went down hill was our program changed strength coaches. The new coach was a qb who likes to focus our workouts on shoulders, bis, and abs.

My stats before this break were still newbish but a lot better than what they would be today. They were 6 1 240 lbs bench 250 squat 350 clean 200 (never got the form down, and Im not very explosive seeing as I play tackle/guard) I would like to focus on gaining more muscle while getting a lot faster. The equipment i have is a pull-up bar and a rack, no dumbbells. Can anybody reccomend a program that would help with my goals and mainly football?

Give “Power Training” by Robert dos Remedios a look - I think it would be right in line with your goals.


Have you had success with this program?

did you have success with the program?

Get that power clean down. Playing tackle/guard is no excuse not to be explosive. I’m assuming you’re talking high school football. What year are you? Are you training at school? If you really hammer your bench/squat/clean and do whatever accessory work you still have energy for, you’ll improve.

A good plyometric program would do you a lot of good too.

I will be a junior next year and yes I train at school it’s just that our coach just introduced the power clean and doesn’t believe in legit squats since he believes they will hurt your back, which is bs. He has us do single leg and a db press extension as leg work

[quote]atlhawks50 wrote:
Have you had success with this program?[/quote]

Not specifically, but I’ve had success with programs very similar. My strength coach at Georgia Tech was a big fan of Coach Dos’ - though the workouts we did weren’t identical, a lot of the same methodologies were used (explosive emphasis, movement-based training).

Though it’s a bit late with fall camp soon approaching, I honestly can’t think of anything better you could use in preparation for the season.