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Football Player Cycle


Dear T Nation,

I am a footballer playing in Europe at a semi professional level. The standard here is better than many professional leagues around the world. I am still young and want to make the jump to professional leagues - Please dont hate me for this, I know many friends that do this and play at the top!
“If you dont dope you cant cope”

I have never cycled anything before.
I was thinking just to do test e/p at like 150mg a week for 16 weeks. Is this a good start.

Anything else that could help me?

I am 189cm 8% body fat and weigh 81kgs.
I train 8 times a week football and 2/3 times gym. It is very intense and a main thing is for recovery purposes during the season.

My goal is to increase Speed/ Power.

By the way the testing here is awful and never get tested. Only in pre season which is every August.

Thank you.


Read the stickies here. You can be harmed by a bad cycle. Understand what your PCT needs to be and why.


Ditto what KS said, read the stickies and do a bunch of research. Unfortunately for you, most of the stuff here is geared more toward size and strength, neither of which you want for your goals. Still, read through the stickies, especially paying attention to the PCT stuff. Like he said, an improper cycle followed by shitty PCT can cause long-lasting damage.

Also, if you are tested, no matter how shittily it is done, you will probably want to stay away from enanthate or most of the other long esters. Even though the ester life is a week or so (longer in some cases), they can still show up months later in urinalysis.

So like I said, do plenty of research, both here and other places. There is a ton of good info here, but I recommend looking around because of the nature of your sport compared to the main focus of this site. There may be some knowledgeable guys who can steer you right for a sport such as yours, the trick is finding them.

I’m just spitballing here, but in spite of your youth a TRT size dose may be best for what you want - increased recovery. Most guys are unaware how their lifestyle affects their natural test levels - stress, physical training, etc. can all contribute to low test, even at a young age. Friend of mine looks like he should be a fitness model, competes in Crossfit and Olympic lifting. In his mid-20’s, great shape, he tested at 200 ng/dl. If done right, a TRT dose could put your test levels in the high-normal range, or even slightly above that. This would keep your levels stable, helping with recovery among other things. There are other things to consider with this approach, so like I said above, do your research. And make sure you try and compare everything you find against how it will show on a drug test.