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Football Off-Season Training


OK, I am entering my last year of college and I'd really like to use this final opportunity I have to enter college athletics. Right now, the plan is to play sprint football (same as normal ncaa football except players must be under 172 lbs).

6' 0"
165 lbs
Bench: 200
Squat: 225
Pullups: 15

I have fairly good stamina but I'm not super quick or anything. I consider myself very intense in sports and am fairly active. I have fairly low body fat so I'd like to think my potential to improve is very high. The thing is, I need to train and condition very hard this summer if I'm going to have a shot at making the team in the fall. Can you guys recommend a position/training routine/stack that might work for me? I'm willing to give it my all and keep you guys updated on my progress for those with similar aspirations.

In a nutshell, I want to be faster, quicker, stronger, all that jazz and be a good football player. What position to play? I have no idea. Possibilities would be defensive lineman, tackle, safety, and (dare I mention) offensive running back.



Westside for skinny bastards 3. Ive never tried it, but people all over the country seem to have good results with it.



snap. I’m totally willing to try all that and more. Do you know much about what kind of supplements would work well with something like this? Are those prowlers readily available?

Thanks for responding. The article looks awesome.


Not to sure about the prowler.

But all you need to take is protein, and have a good diet, and you should be fine.