Football In-Season Training

OK, so in order to save time for homework and whatnot, I’ve decided that I’ll do my workouts during the morning this school year/football season. The problem is, I don’t really know how to go about it. My main goal right now is gaining SIZE as I weigh in at a weak 165 at 5’10", I figure the hypertrophy gains, as a teenager, will help my strength later on anyway right? This is the reasoning behind DeFranco’s westide for skinny bastards is it not?

So how about it? Should i continue training as usual or what? I definately dont want to hinder myself performance-wise, but going until november without strength/size gains? That just seems like a waste. I’m not quite sure, but from what i’ve read, the goal of in-season training for strength sports such as football is to MAINTAIN your current level of strength/size rather than improve. Is that right? If so, could someone explain the reasoning behind this? I think i’ve got a pretty good idea of why, but any extra knowledge never hurts ya know? Anyway, if in fact I SHOULD continue training as usual, I thought i’d just continue with WS for skinny bastards. It has been working out pretty well.

Assuming i’ve got my diet all figured out, what do you think I should be doing in the weight room?

thanks in advance

at more advanced stages, you will definitely need to change your in-season program. but there is something indestructable about high school kids. i would definitely continue to lift heavy and often. if you are doing westside, do your heavy days on monday and tuesday, then your dynamic days later in the week (maybe thursday and saturday, so you aren’t lifting on friday, assuming thats when you play your games). if you play on friday, that saturday dynamic day will also help to work out any stifness from the game. So maybe go:

Mon: ME Lower
Tues: ME Upper
Wed: Off
Thur: DE Lower
Friday: Game
Sat: DE upper, along with some strides to work stiffness out of the legs.

I remember vividly in high school, myself and a few other dedicated lifters were lifting heavy all season, including friday mornings before our friday night games. depending on how much you play during games, you could just keep the volume low on your DE days. Good luck!