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Football Help

I have recently taken up an interest in football again. I played essentially from the day I could walk until my sophomore year in HS. Now that I am a freshman in college, I am finally in control of every aspect of my life–most notably, for our purposes, DIET. I am making up for tons of lost time here, guys–I was severely malnourished for years. I could never seem to gain weight. Now that I am taking in roughly 300g or protein per day and at least 4000 calories, I am growing like a twig. I have gained over 40 pounds in the last semester with the help of just three 2 week MAG-10 cycles and insane training. Despite this BW increase from 145 to 185, my bodyfat has gone down and I have gained speed and explosiveness. I recently found out that every starter on my graduating class’ football team was on the juice, but now I think I have found a way to catch back up. That is, smart training, proper diet, and my endless supply of MAG-10. I am going to try a walk-on as LB or blocking FB either sophomore or junior year here at college.

Any suggestions for how I should train to make a big impact? I am only 5’9ish so I figure I should first bulk up to about 230 to be able to stick it to the big guys. Then I am thinking I should work on my speed. Anyone want to help me with any advice on how to turn a 5’9 185-pounder into a big LB/FB?

By the way, don’t let my stats fool you…I am not weak because of my size. Bench 350, Squat 500, Dead 550, ran the 40 in 4.8 2 years ago and I am definitely faster now.