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Football Help


Hey Christian,

I am four months out from spring ball and would like to improve my game. I am looking to really improve on explosive power and speed and to be able to take that to the field when playing. Any advice on what I should focus on? Thanks!


Get a coach to teach you the power snatch, get good at it - shoot for your bodyweight in the snatch - you would be a powerful dude...


Speed/Jumps/Throws/Primary weights (cleans/squats/bench)

Tue: tempo/Aux weights


Thur: Same as Mon

Fri: Same as Tue



Scrolling. It could save your life.


Thank you all for the comments back.


Too much volume.


Not really imo.

The first phase certainly isn't, can always change the frequency to suit.


I suppose you could just say that and trust that we'll all take your internet e-pinion at face value instead of the nationally known, wildly effective coach who trains olympic athletes, pro athletes, college athletes AND bodybuilders and says it's a good general set-up to begin with until you modify it based on individual abilities.

But I wouldn't bet on it.

Or, instead of making ridiculous blanket statements with zero justification behind them you could give a real, thoughtful, rational answer to defend your position. That might work better...and it wouldn't even have to be as long as a book to get your point across.

I dislike drive-by argumentation with a fierce passion.