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Football, finals, and time

Football starts in a week, and i’m trying to my scheduled work out now, but i need a little help. i think i have pretty much figured out what i’m going to do, but i still have a few questions.

Here’s what i’m thinking:

5AM - Meal 1 (P+C)/shower


645AM - Meal 2 (P+C)


11ish - Meal 3 (P+???)


3PM - Practice

6PM - Meal 4 (P+F)

homework time

8 or 830PM Meal 5 (P+???)

sleep … mmm…

As you can see, it’s gonna be pretty fuckin tight.

You’ll notice at lunctime i have “(P+???)”. This is because i dont know what i should eat as far as a PF or PC meal. Which would help me out more during practice? I dont want to feel all sluggish and tired.

Also, what could i eat right after school gets out as far as a quick snack? Mind you i can’t eat too much because i’d end up throwing it up during practice most likely. I was thinking like beef jerky or something?

If anyone has any time saving food items/tips for me, i’d really like to hear 'em.


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First off throw out the protein/carb and protein/fat stuff. You are a football player. You are gonna be using up so much energy from 3-6 everyday that its going to be hard to not lose weight by eating like crazy. So eat like crazy. You arent a bodybuilder.

When does practice end? if its only spring practice I would just not lift for two weeks. That would be the best way to go. If its not let me know and ill make different recommendations.

thanks golberg,

i have one more question. Think i should up my calorie intake? I’ve been getting 5000 per day, is that going to be enough when football starts?

Eat as much as possible. I threw up every day so you might not want to eat a couple of hours before practice but after practice go hog wild. Eat everything. im gonna be coaching for the first time this summer so im gonna be eating like crazy too. Ill be burning up some mad energy out there but not near as much as you. good luck.