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football diet and training

can someone please help I am looking to gain weight lose fat i will give you my typical day and workout schedule someone can please specify what I am doing wrong ! weigh close to 180 but have not gained in 3 weeks but I just started a creatine cycle CEll Tech and I gained 4 pounds on my last creatine cycle when combined with Zmass
here is my typical eating day
8 ammeal 1 break fast 3 boiled eggs 1 cup oatmeal 1 cup skim milk
11ammeal 2 3hrs later
half can tuna with 2 slices whole wheat bread
glass of milk with an orange
2pm meal 3 chicken breast or turkey breast sandwich with glass of milk
430 pre workout shake whey protein with 1 cup milk 1cup oj.
530 workout
day1 chest triceps 3 exercies each muscle group
days 2 shoulders biceps
day 3 legs back
day 4 chest triceps
the next weel day2 will be day 1 and 4 and after day 3 will be one and 4 I change exercises every 8 weeks.
meal 5 post workout shake
1 scoop Isopure low carb with 2 cups fruit juice
meal 6 dinner 1h15 min after post shake
1 salmon with 1 cup rice 1 cup salade 1 potato
I will rotate the meat for dinner between Chicken Breast Pork Loins and Steak
My body fat is 12.9 I want to get to around 7 per cent but also gain mass I recently startes a creatine cycle april 1 cell tech also I take 2 pills of dynamex meth first thing in the morning along with 1 in afternoon before sleep I take 3 pro lab Zma
I am open to criticism please help

Periods and commas next time huh!

Ok, open to criticism. First off, bodybuilders don’t play football. Why are you caring what your bodyfat is? Obvioulsy you don’t want to be obese and play, but being 12% is not bad at all. Second, gaining muscle and cutting body fat at the same time is very hard to do, it is a long term process, i.e. zig zag diet. Third, if you aren’t gaining weight you aren’t eating enough. It is hard to read what you wrote, but you don’t eat hardly anything. How many calories is that? How many grams of protein is that? I know, I know, you eat all the time. Obviously you’re not eating enough that is why it isn’t working for you. Fourth, get on a football specific training program, looks like you are bodybuilding. Fifth, give up this damn “I want to keep my abs idea.” If you are playing football it is ok to get bigger and weigh more. Chicks like good football players, they can see what you do on the field a lot more than they can your abs. Get more sleep as well. Lay on your ass a lot during the day to recover from working out. Lay there eating food. Count your calories and if you are truly eating say 5,000 calories and not gaining weight something is wrong with you. Remember most people overestimate how many calories they eat until they count. Ok, rant over.

Please take this advice…If you are serious about playing football, please give up the bodybuilding junk. Football is about explosion, strength, quickness, reactive ability, and so on and so forth. Bodybuilding will only hinder you from building these qualities. Bodybuilding will make you look like Tarzan, but play like Jane. You need to be strong and fast, not big and ripped.

Whooah, easy killer. First off, a little punctuation never hurt anyone…unless you were trying to save some cals by excluding “unnecessary” typing. Sorry, just breaking your chops. Secondly, guys, give him a break. He’s in high school (I think…mentioning that would have been a good idea, BigC) and wants to be lean so he can get laid. Chances are, that’s why he’s playing football, too. =) Okay, enough about that, I may be able to help.

Now, BigC, you didn't mention what position you play...leaving something like that out is a bad idea. I'll answer for both lineman and backs, though. Let me just say that, unless you wrestle immediately after football season (I did--it sucked.) then there really isn't any reason to be at 7% bodyfat throughout the season. In point of fact, 12% is pretty lean.

Now, as I was saying, if you're a lineman, getting big is priority; you really need to eat a lot, and if you gain 2 pounds of fat for every ten of muscle, that really isn't a bad tradeoff. As a lineman, having a little extra fat isn't going to hurt you too badly, as you don't need to run long distances. It may actually help you, as being a little heavier (remember fat is weights, as well) will make you harder to push, even if it doesn't make YOU push harder, like muscle does.

If you're a back, and you're running a lot, you'd want to be lean...no more than about 15%, though I've known a lot of great ones who were fatter than that. Anyway, the extra fat isn't going to help you much there, but muscle will, and you're going to have to eat to get it. It looks like you're eating a lot, but I think you should eat way more. I know it's hard, but focus on dense calories that won't fill you up (1 cup oalmeal with 3 scoops protein powder still feels like 1 cup oatmeal going down.) You should eat more fats, as they're very calorie dense. A few table spoons of flax oil every day will add up damn quick.

As far as training, you may want to tone down the volume and up the weights a bit. You'll get bigger and stronger, which is what you need. Focus less on biceps (for the time being) as they are almost useless in football...when was the last time you pulled anything towards you? Train them, but dont fret about their growth. Focus on stuff you need...squat squat SQUAT! I'd need more information before I could add anything else, but, I hope this helps.

Oh geeze, I just realized I made a huge mistake. In my last post, I was addressing the original author as “BigC” when that was actually someone who responded. So…um…yeah, just replace all the "BigC"s in that post with "football player"s. Yeah, that’ll fix it. BigC, so sorry about that…I must be more tired than I though. Eeesh. Sorry again.

Hey don’t worry about it. I figured it out after a little bit, just had me confused wondering why I wasn’t saying what my position was.